Adoption update: Finn

FinnYou might remember the puppy MWCR brought in last month with a heart defect. He was known as Chance and you can read his story here. His new mom, Cindy, reports: Finn is doing wonderful and he is a great addition to my family!  Amazingly he is already potty trained.  In June he had his stitches removed and is scheduled for his follow up EKG and neutering in September.  He and Rascal (resident 11 year old MWCR collie-mix) are getting along great. His favorite activity is playing tug-of-war with Rascal (look for a picture of Finn and Rascal on the July 1 newsletter cover). Finn weighs 23 pounds and is growing like a weed.  He has a very funny personality and he love, love, loves peanut butter and Kitty’s homemade treats. He is also enjoying sleeping in a king size bed at night (can you say SPOILED). He begins Puppy Kindergarten at Stone Mountain Pet Lodge later in July.

One thought on “Adoption update: Finn

  1. Sounds like brothers Finn and Thunder share similar traits. Thunder also loves to play tugger, and he is a fast learner. He has mastered the sit/stay and will now “drop-it” when he retrieves his ball or Frisbee. Next task is to try and teach him to climb a flight of stairs to the 2nd floor of our home.

    Much like Finn, Thunder is also growing like a weed now at 23 pounds. The brothers will be 18 weeks this Friday July 2nd. Thunder got his second series of vaccinations and rabies last week and yesterday we took him to Whitefish Bay Village hall where he got his license to be a “legal dog” LOL

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