Rainbow Bridge: Molly

MollyMolly, my eleven-year-old, beautiful white collie. is gone.  Molly developed “old dog syndrome” which is an inner ear disorder that causes extreme dizziness and thus the inability to stand.  Most dogs show improvement in a few days and recover in a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, Molly did not.  In the end, she could not get up off the floor, much less stand, so she spent her days simply laying on the floor wasting away.  My regular veterinarian who makes house calls checked on her several times plus a veterinarian who provides in-home acupuncture tried several weeks of acupuncture therapy but nothing helped.  After two months, they began to question whether something else, such as a brain tumor, might also be involved.   A veterinarian from MN Pets, a Twin Cities veterinary practice that specializes in in-home euthanasia, came to the house and Molly passed away very peacefully with her collie siblings, Kelly and Jake, and her kitties, Angel and Duncan, with her.  We miss her so much, but at least she isn’t suffering. – Terry Libro

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge: Molly

  1. Dear Terry,
    May your wonderful memories of Molly comfort you in your time of grieving. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, there is nothing that anyone can do to heal their illness. Ending their suffering is the one last act of kindness that we can do for them, even though it is so hard to say good by. We have all been down this most difficult path. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Shed some tears, remember Molly and the good times you had together, and hug your fur babies.

    Collie Hugs,
    Bob, Tamy Lucky and Thunder

  2. So sorry for your loss; we all know the feeling and may your memories soon help you overcome your sadness at this time.

  3. Terry
    I’m so sorry – I had no idea that you were dealing with this and you just keep stoically marching on with whatever you need to do for MWCR. It is so difficult to say goodbye – but say goodbye we must. We must say goodbye to a lot of things in our life times and these are one of the hardest and most emotional for us I believe. You are in my thoughts & prayers.. Thanks for all you do.
    Sue Seehafer

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