May photo wall


From Smokey’s mom: Just wanted to send you an update on Smokey (adopted last summer). He is doing amazing – when we first got him, he was very scared of being leashed. In the first pic, you can see his new reaction whenever you mention the “W” word. He’s great with our cats, and everyone who meets him falls in love. He just passed level 1 obedience a few weeks ago (with flying colors), and we’re headed to level 2 this summer. He’s such a big, sweet goofball and we couldn’t have asked for a better buddy! Thank you for bringing us together!


Max & Teddy

Adoption update from Max & Teddy’s parents: Thought you all would like to see a recent photo of our two boys, Max (left, adopted January, 2013) and Teddy (right, adopted October, 2015). They got off to a rocky start but are getting along just fine now – though if you ask them they’ll deny liking each other! Max is as expressive, loving, and smart as ever. He loves car rides, baseball and tug of war, and helping dad load the dishwasher. Joining a new family after living with another for 10 years, Teddy finally settled into a routine at our house which includes intermittent playfulness and cuddles, but is one happy guy! He loves bananas/apples/carrots, running around in the backyard, and napping in the cool, quiet basement. We love them both so much!




MWCR alum, Tripper, likes to take himself for a walk. Some may remember Tripper’s story. Kitty and Arnie Hilk’s grandson saw Tripper in a crate at a pet store and he worked out a deal to trade crickets for the price for Tripper. It was thought that Tripper had spinal issues, but as he settled into his foster home and had the freedom to run, any issues straightened out. Tripper now lives in Ontario, Canada.

Laddie, FKA Murdoch.

Laddie, FKA Murdoch.


MWCR alum Wesley made his acting debut in The Spirit of Appleton: In Search of the Stories That Shape Us, a walking theater experience by PlaceBase productions, in Appleton, Minn. Wes starred as the Hobo Dog.  Several people commented on his technique, stating he did the most realistic portrayal of a dog that they had ever seen. He flopped in the grass quite convincingly and presented himself for treats and strokes without missing a cue. His mellow, gentle nature made him quite the hit with the entire cast, especially his hobos and the kids who loved to take turns walking him around the parks we performed in.  He also had an opportunity to thoroughly sniff out the new Appleton dog park.


Toby and Jake

Toby and Jake relaxing in the great weather while on a break from helping landscape the front yard with their dad!

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