Sweet Mia

MiaSweet Mia is still looking for a forever home, so if anyone is interested in adding a nice older lady to their household please let us know. She could also be a possible candidate for ‘forever foster’, ideally near the dermatologist MWCR uses in Minneapolis. Her foster mom, Joan, will be at the Minnesota Frolic, June 5, so we even have transport to the area. Mia’s bio is below – please consider making her a part of your family!
Mia was surrendered to MWCR with her companion Bobbi when their elderly owner could no longer care for them. Bobbi has found her forever home but 10 year old Mia is still looking for the perfect place. She has recently been diagnosed with dermatomyoitis (DM), which has caused her to have some skin issues. Mia had to have emergency surgery for pyometra (uterine infection), and since DM is a hereditary autoimmune disease, we think it may have flared up because her system was fighting that infection. Her foster mom said she’s starting to see new hair growth, so that’s an excellent sign. There’s not a lot of preventative treatment involved with DM, mostly a matter of dealing with any symptoms if they pop us and cause discomfort. We have had several members whose collies have had it and they recommend good food, some supplements and reducing stress as much as possible. Mia was recently at the collie frolic in Milwaukee and was a big hit!

Mia likes to look pretty and enjoys being groomed. Car rides were new and scary at first but now Mia is jumping in and out like a pro. Going for walks was likely also new and she seemed to have no clue what to do at first but is starting to get the hang of it and now enjoys walks, behaving better each time. She gets excited when seeing a person or animal on their walks, but passing traffic does not bother her. Neither does the vacuum cleaner – when it gets too close for their comfort, she will calmly walk away from it.

Mia is out-going and spunky for her age, quick to show affection and really enjoys being around her people. You can’t help but want to pet her as she will come to you to say “Hi” often throughout the day. Do you have room in your heart and home for this lovely lady?

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