Laddie Luke checks in

Laddie and Emily

Laddie and Emily

Hi, Laddie Luke here. I have been thinking about life again. Here I am, going to be seven years old this May. I have been with my family four years this coming August, and it’s time for me to start acting more like an adult. I mean, while it is fun chasing those nasty old motorcycles, ducks, squirrels and rabbits I should be doing more meaningful things now. I am sure now and then I will be able to indulge in swamp running, but maybe not so much anymore.

This occurred to me on a walk by the river. Emily and I love to go walking and running by the Mississippi, but I have noticed that lots and lots of people ask my Mom “what kind of dogs are they?” They notice that we are “just gorgeous, and very friendly.” Other people have never heard of Lassie, or they call us Lassie dogs. It occurred to me that I could be a Rough Collie Ambassador! With Emily Ester by my side we can educate the local people about how great collies are! Also this is an area that I can be in charge! Emily tries to run the household, but she is more reserved so I can run up to people and say “I am a collie, “My name is Laddie!,” just like the old 1960’s puzzle for kids. Then Emily can run up and say you may pet me too if you wish.laddie puzzle

I am including some pictures of one of our walks when I introduced rough collies to three teenage girls. An ambassador means presenting the very best to the public of the entity that you are the ambassador for. I will try and do my best representing rough collies. Plus, don’t tell, but it’s also great fun!

– Submitted by Laddie Luke Gibson

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