March photo wall



Mikey, Cowboy and Ruby

Mikey, Cowboy and Ruby


Luther, a 92-pound lap dog

Luther, a 98-pound lap dog



Fiona with her brother Buster (Brittney) and her new pal, Dixie.

Fiona with her brother Buster (Brittney) and her new pal, Dixie.

Gabe & EZ Ryder

Gabe & EZ Ryder

March adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, V.P. & Adoption Coordinator



Big boy Titan, a 9-week-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. He will be sharing his new home with mom, dad, human sister and a canine big brother. It’s hard to imagine anyone being able to resist such a cute ball of fluff and, of course, his new family is already completely in love.




Ten week old pup, Dash, renamed Nick, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. He shares his new home with mom, dad, big brother collie and his very own kitty to terrorize ;-).




Handsome boy Braden, a 1-year-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Iowa. Before coming to MWCR this big boy had been through a couple of homes looking for just the right spot to fit his personality. His foster mom realized that he was the perfect fit there and now he’s looking forward to mentoring other foster pups in the future. Congratulations on landing in just the right place!



A thank you from MWCR President Terry Libro

Our fearless leader, Terry Libro, working the iPad at May's Canine Carnival in Forest Lake, Minn.

Our fearless leader, Terry Libro, working the iPad at May’s Canine Carnival in Forest Lake, Minn.

People have asked me how I spend my time now that I’m no longer working full-time.  My answer is that I spend my time making a difference.

All of us who support and volunteer with the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue truly are making a difference.  We make a difference in the lives of those sweet collies every time we renew our memberships, help with a transport, share information about a collie in need, volunteer at an event, buy an MWCR calendar, or make a donation.  Because of all of our members and supporters, our foster collies receive needed veterinary care and find loving homes.  The integrity and great work done by our volunteers have resulted in MWCR becoming a highly respected rescue.  Plus, our collies and their families are wonderful ambassadors for MWCR.  We are an all-volunteer organization that relies on all of you to make the organization a success.  MWCR is very fortunate to have the level of support, dedication, and commitment that we have.

Thank you for giving MyLinda (Barke), and me the opportunity to continue in our roles with MWCR.  Your involvement with MWCR makes our work that much easier and makes a difference in the lives of our collies.  Thank you for voting, for your kind words, and for always being there for our dear collies.

– Terry

Adoption update: Obi

ObiObi came into our lives this past year on Halloween. Fortunately, he was being fostered with Lori Goodsell who provided a very nurturing environment and taught him a lot in the month he lived with her. He’s been with us for about four months now and the bonds are very strong. He’s a great dog: smart, affectionate, playful, and totally handsome. He loves long hikes, games of fetch, cuddling on the couch and being with his people. We’ve struck gold twice with MWCR and greatly appreciate the important work you do.”

Milwaukee Area Collie Frolic

Collie frolicIt’s time again to get our frolic on in the Milwaukee area. Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 17th, from noon to 4 p.m. and be ready to romp. We will be gathering at the Central Bark on State St. in Wauwatosa, so we’ll have both indoor and outdoor play areas in case of rain (or snow!). Please note that Central Bark has a new location – their new facility is across the railroad tracks at 6228 W. State St. Suite G.
Central Bark requires all dogs that use their facilities to be up to date on vaccinations including Bordatella. There will be a form to sign that requests vaccination expiration dates. Please make sure you know these dates for the form or contact us to receive a form.
To RSVP, get directions or ask questions, please email
I hope to see lots of collies for tail wagging fun,
I don’t know what the construction will be like but if the 68th St. exit isn’t open the best choice would be Hawley Rd and head north to State St.
From I-94 West:

Take exit 307A for 68th St. toward 70th St. (0.2 mi)
Turn Right onto S 68th St. (1.0 mi)
Turn Right onto State St.
Central Bark is on the Left
6228 W. State St. Suite G, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

From I-94 East
Take exit 307A toward 68th St/70th St (0.2 mi)
Merge onto W. Kearney St. (0.2 mi)
Turn Left onto S 68th St (1.0 mi)Turn Right onto State St.

Central Bark is on the left

6228 W. State St. Suite G, Wauwatosa, WI 53213

2016 Minnesota Animal Welfare Conference

The 2016 Minnesota Animal Welfare Conference to be held May 26 in St. Cloud, provides new opportunities this year.  Attendees will have two tracts of learning to choose from for the day.  One focuses on medical issues while the other prods concepts regarding shelters and rescue groups that can help them grow and serve in a positive manner.

The medical tract will provide continuing education credits for veterinarians.  Shelter director of operations, executive directors, and kennel managers are also welcomed to attend any of these presentations.  Thanks to a special grant obtained through the ASPCA, fees for veterinarians attending this will be waived.  This is an opportunity that truly cannot be passed over, but space is limited.

Please contact the Tri-County Humane Society for more information.

Rainbow Bridge: Holly

HollyIt is with much sadness that I’m letting you and the group know that Holly has passed away. She was at the University of Minnesota Vet Hospital on Monday. Her owner took her there from Milwaukee after discovering she had a large tumor on her spine. They did surgery on Tuesday and removed 90% of it. On Wednesday, Jeff and I went to visit with her, she was still not able to get up. At around 6 p.m. her owner called and told us he was on his way back to the UofM because Holly was in respiratory distress. I met him there at around 12:30 a.m., they had her in an oxygen chamber to try to get her levels up. Randy spent the night, or what was left of it, after we got back to our house at about 4 a.m. Her doctor called this morning and they started a feeding tube. She declined this afternoon and passed away in Randy’s arms. She has her sister Madison that she left behind to comfort their dad.
Holly and Madison were adopted together in 2005.  They were sisters and MWCR wanted to keep them together.
Please keep them all in your prayers.
Holly   12-23-2003    3-17-2016
 – Laure Victor

Laddie Luke checks in

Laddie and Emily

Laddie and Emily

Hi, Laddie Luke here. I have been thinking about life again. Here I am, going to be seven years old this May. I have been with my family four years this coming August, and it’s time for me to start acting more like an adult. I mean, while it is fun chasing those nasty old motorcycles, ducks, squirrels and rabbits I should be doing more meaningful things now. I am sure now and then I will be able to indulge in swamp running, but maybe not so much anymore.

This occurred to me on a walk by the river. Emily and I love to go walking and running by the Mississippi, but I have noticed that lots and lots of people ask my Mom “what kind of dogs are they?” They notice that we are “just gorgeous, and very friendly.” Other people have never heard of Lassie, or they call us Lassie dogs. It occurred to me that I could be a Rough Collie Ambassador! With Emily Ester by my side we can educate the local people about how great collies are! Also this is an area that I can be in charge! Emily tries to run the household, but she is more reserved so I can run up to people and say “I am a collie, “My name is Laddie!,” just like the old 1960’s puzzle for kids. Then Emily can run up and say you may pet me too if you wish.laddie puzzle

I am including some pictures of one of our walks when I introduced rough collies to three teenage girls. An ambassador means presenting the very best to the public of the entity that you are the ambassador for. I will try and do my best representing rough collies. Plus, don’t tell, but it’s also great fun!

– Submitted by Laddie Luke Gibson

Adoption update: Daisy

Submitted by Jim and Ruth McDonald

DaisyIt didn’t take her long to fit right in! When five grandkids came over, she couldn’t make up her mind which one she liked best, so she herds them into one loving pile and enjoys them all at once. She runs up and down the sled hill, wondering why the kids are screaming, she begins barking, and soon realizes they are having fun! In the summer, she runs full throttle with the four-wheeler, as mom exercises her … as if she needs it. Yet, she has her calm time on the couch, bed, or anywhere else her people may be.

Daisy is becoming an adult dog rather quickly, but still shows her ‘puppy’ side when we least expect it. That little cocked head as we talk to her. That quick jump onto the bed so she can be closer. The cold wet, nose nudge that comes moments before the alarm clock. Her head and shoulders bent down between the rungs of the gate, wondering why she can’t go to the grocery store too? Yes, our wee daisy is filling our life with more joy then we could ever give back. She has ‘dug in’ to our lives. We are all family.

I would like to thank her for just about … no, for saving my life. Late last summer here in Missouri, it was miserably hot! Jim and I got home from church, Jim went inside and I changed clothes to ride the four wheeler a bit. Daisy and Kelly, as usual, ran alongside me once around the nearly six acres. I knew it was warming, so I went to the garage to get the long clippers to trim a few low branches, so Jim could mow with tractor without head dodging. I stopped and started the vehicle several times to trim, as the dogs lay in the shade each time, waiting for me to continue. Daisy stayed very near, as I had to command her to move out of my way a few times. I was working on a sticker bush on the far side of the yard. I could see Jim coming my way, so I paused. My legs felt weak, and a tiredness came over me. Jim took the cutters, said it was 3:30! He wanted me to take the four-wheeler and go inside. I drove around the garage, parked, and headed for the walk out basement door. I nearly passed out trying to go inside, due to the temperature change. I saw the dog water and began splashing it onto my face, then took my t-shirt and soaked it, squeezed the water onto my head. I was in the shade of our deck where no one could see me. I went to the corner of the garage and did what I thought would be a loud holler for Jim. It wasn’t much more than a whisper! I was in trouble, and had to find a way to get Jim to help me. Lassie go Home, I thought! No, crazy idea. Try anyway! Daisy. Daisy. She was right there eager bouncing left then right. Go get Jim!  Waved my arm in the gesture to the gate then circled my arm toward Jim. The same gesture I give here when we come home, telling her to go to the back door. I did this about four times, each time she ran closer to the gate. The last time, I included Kelly’s name. Daisy took off barking, running circles around Jim, until he followed her to me. Jim aided me and Daisy stayed sooo close, until I was able to come into the house. Yes, collies are smarter than we think! Daisy, saved my life. I MAY have been okay without her, but you will never convince me. A true Rescue Collie!Daisy and Kelly

She loves to catch toys, unlike her sister Kelly. Kelly looks at you, wondering why she got hit in the head with the tennis ball.  Daisy cheerfully grabs the ball and it’s game on. Again, or should I say … still! She keeps us young, with her free spirit behavior. Daisies, Do Tell!