January adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator



Zane, a 7-year-old tricolor, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This handsome boy was surrendered to MWCR when his family realized he needed more care than they were able to give him. It’s obvious from his sweet personality that he was loved and we’re grateful that they trusted us to help him. Zane will need continued care for his skin condition and luckily his new mom is a vet tech with the skills to help him heal.  I know he will enjoy his new life with mom, dad and a small assortment of sheep, ducks, chickens and horses and am looking forward to seeing pictures once his lovely coat grows back.





Handsome Windsor, a 1.5-year-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. He was surrendered to MWCR by a good Samaritan and we don’t know much about his early life except that he was most likely kept outdoors without much human interaction. We do know how much he enjoyed changing that lifestyle though! Shy at first, he quickly adapted to indoor life with cozy beds, canine buddies and loving care. His new home includes all of those and a human sibling of his very own. Congratulations sweet boy!



Beautiful Bella, a 5-year-old mahogany sable, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Bella was originally adopted from MWCR as a puppy but was regretfully surrendered back to the rescue because of a job relocation. Bella’s new family consists of mom, dad and a big sister collie adopted from MWCR in 2010 who is looking forward to having a new playmate! Congratulations sweet girl!


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