Great Lakes Expo

Brittney Michlig

Brittney Michlig

MWCR spent Saturday, Jan. 30, at the Great Lakes Expo. Vice President and Adoption Coordinator, Sarah Rebernick and member/volunteer Laura Michlig ran the booth. Among the people who helped out were Laura’s daughters, Brittney and Nadine, Bonnie Christiansen, Mary Scopp, Beth Scopp, Lynn and Kristen. Collie volunteers included, Jake, Desi, Raylin, Creena, McDuff and Spike.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out and to our wonderful collie ambassadors! See you next year!


Nadine Michlig with Jake


Bonnie Chistiansen (left) , with Desi

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Desi, Jake and Creena

Desi, Jake and Creena

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