Serenity Ginger Bash

SerenityI have been at my forever home for almost a whole year. At first I was very timid and hardly ever made a sound. I’m over that. I went to obedience class with my little sister, Fauna, a cocker spaniel, and we got treats and praise for learning words and doing what we were told.

Sometimes I would rather do what I want even though I know better. There is nothing better than chasing squirrels. Last month Christmas came. I got really anxious about all the stuff moved around in the house. Then we went for a ride to a big farm with lots of people and trees. There were other dogs, too. Now, that was fun! I rode on a wagon and helped by keeping one of my people from freezing to death (pictured). On Christmas morning I got presents. I opened a frosted cookie shaped like a bone by myself.

I’m sure the next year will be as exciting, and sometimes scary, as the first one.

Barks and kisses,


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