2016 MWCR Elections

election-ahead-sign-375x250Watch for emails from the MWCR Nominating Committee in the next few weeks regarding the 2016 MWCR elections for President and Secretary.  Incumbents for those positions are Terry Libro and MyLinda Barke.  The Committee will request nominations for those offices and will mail ballots at the end of February to members who renewed on or before December 31, 2015.  Thank you for participating in the election.


January adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, Adoption Coordinator



Zane, a 7-year-old tricolor, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This handsome boy was surrendered to MWCR when his family realized he needed more care than they were able to give him. It’s obvious from his sweet personality that he was loved and we’re grateful that they trusted us to help him. Zane will need continued care for his skin condition and luckily his new mom is a vet tech with the skills to help him heal.  I know he will enjoy his new life with mom, dad and a small assortment of sheep, ducks, chickens and horses and am looking forward to seeing pictures once his lovely coat grows back.





Handsome Windsor, a 1.5-year-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. He was surrendered to MWCR by a good Samaritan and we don’t know much about his early life except that he was most likely kept outdoors without much human interaction. We do know how much he enjoyed changing that lifestyle though! Shy at first, he quickly adapted to indoor life with cozy beds, canine buddies and loving care. His new home includes all of those and a human sibling of his very own. Congratulations sweet boy!



Beautiful Bella, a 5-year-old mahogany sable, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Bella was originally adopted from MWCR as a puppy but was regretfully surrendered back to the rescue because of a job relocation. Bella’s new family consists of mom, dad and a big sister collie adopted from MWCR in 2010 who is looking forward to having a new playmate! Congratulations sweet girl!


Great Lakes Expo

Brittney Michlig

Brittney Michlig

MWCR spent Saturday, Jan. 30, at the Great Lakes Expo. Vice President and Adoption Coordinator, Sarah Rebernick and member/volunteer Laura Michlig ran the booth. Among the people who helped out were Laura’s daughters, Brittney and Nadine, Bonnie Christiansen, Mary Scopp, Beth Scopp, Lynn and Kristen. Collie volunteers included, Jake, Desi, Raylin, Creena, McDuff and Spike.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out and to our wonderful collie ambassadors! See you next year!


Nadine Michlig with Jake


Bonnie Chistiansen (left) , with Desi

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Desi, Jake and Creena

Desi, Jake and Creena

Serenity Ginger Bash

SerenityI have been at my forever home for almost a whole year. At first I was very timid and hardly ever made a sound. I’m over that. I went to obedience class with my little sister, Fauna, a cocker spaniel, and we got treats and praise for learning words and doing what we were told.

Sometimes I would rather do what I want even though I know better. There is nothing better than chasing squirrels. Last month Christmas came. I got really anxious about all the stuff moved around in the house. Then we went for a ride to a big farm with lots of people and trees. There were other dogs, too. Now, that was fun! I rode on a wagon and helped by keeping one of my people from freezing to death (pictured). On Christmas morning I got presents. I opened a frosted cookie shaped like a bone by myself.

I’m sure the next year will be as exciting, and sometimes scary, as the first one.

Barks and kisses,


Love’s rescue

From Sarah Rebernick, MWCR V.P. & Adoption Coordinator

LoveNot technically an MWCR adoption story but a wonderful example of how lives (human and canine) can be changed for the better when rescues and rescuers work together. Randy originally applied to adopt a collie named Lassie from MWCR in July 2014. Since he lives in Oklahoma we reached out to Oklahoma Collie/Sheltie Rescue for help with the home visit. We also let them know that if they had any collies that would be a good match they should feel free to share that with him as well – after all, the important thing is that a collie finds a good home and it’s a long trip to Minnesota. Their volunteer let us know that since it was ok with us, she would be bringing a couple collie girls needing homes with her on the visit.

Einstein+&+LoveRandy and resident collie, Einstein, met Liv, a shy 3-year-old sable headed white girl, who had been living a pretty wretched life in a small puppy mill before coming into rescue. Randy told me that the main reason he chose OKCSR’s Liv was that he knew she would have a harder time being adopted than our Lassie and that was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard. This weekend we got an email and donation from Randy – he says that coaxing his shy girl out of her shell these last 18 months has been one of the most rewarding things he’s ever done. She also has a new name because, as Randy said “She came into our lives ready to love, and be loved; she having none for her first three years. I named her Love.”
And as if all that wasn’t heartwarming enough, Randy helped save yet another collie this weekend, playing a big role in getting 12-year-old old senior Duke into the loving care of Freedom Collie Rescue in Texas. So a big Thank You to Randy and all the collie lovers out there working together to make their lives better!