Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone for a successful year!

HNY 16As we begin a new year, we look forward to helping collies find new loving homes and to giving people the chance to enjoy the special bond that exists between collies and their people.  Sweet, sensitive and devoted collies add so much joy to people’s lives.  Thank you to everyone who has helped and supported MWCR and enabled us to do the gratifying work that we do on behalf of these magnificent dogs.

– Terry Libro, MWCR President

December photo wall: Caroling with the collies

Over a dozen collies and shelties dressed in festive collars, along with their people, caroled through the halls of Catholic Eldercare in Minneapolis and brought joy to the staff and residents.   MWCR member and professional singer, Robin Kashuba, led the group as we sang carols and the residents visited with the dogs.

Thank you to Kathy Bulicz of Catholic Eldercare for inviting us and thank you to MWCR member Judith Roggow, who visits Catholic Eldercare weekly with her therapy collie, Phoebe, for organizing this fun event.  Thank you to everyone who participated and to the dogs for sharing their love with the residents.  We hope to be back next year!

For more photos, please click here.

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December adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, V.P. and Adoption Coordinator



Rio (fka Cassie), a 5-year-old tricolor female, has been adopted and will be living in Minn. Rio came to MWCR through a good Samaritan who took her in from a bad situation and got her started on the road to her new life. Her new forever family includes a couple teenaged humans and a canine sister and since Rio enjoys a good game of tug and fetch, she’s sure to have lots of fun with everyone. Another ‘Happy Home for the Holidays’ story 🙂


mwcr logoRusty, a 2-year-old sable merle male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Until now this sweet boy spent most of his life tied outdoors, so he’s sure to enjoy the comforts of home and hearth this holiday season. Congratulations to Rusty and his new family!


Beautiful Paris, a 9-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Minn. This loving, laid-back lady came from a home that was just too full of activity for her mature tastes. We think a perfect match has been made with a forever home where her mild, gentle behavior is fully appreciated. Her new mom reports that within a short time of her arrival she was already peacefully napping – sounds like a perfect winter activity to me. Sweet dreams



Nessie, a 4-year-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Nessie originally came to MWCR from living as an outdoor dog but has quickly embraced the comforts of indoor life. This petite sweetheart loves kids, squirrels, long walks and learning about fun new things like squeaky toys :-). Congratulations to this lovely lady and her new family!

Arnie Hilk is MWCR’s Food Distribution Coordinator

ArnieSince the summer of 2014, longtime MWCR member Arnie Hilk has been actively involved in the distribution of donated dog food to MWCR foster homes.  Arnie has worked many hours and handled thousands of pounds of dog food and treats worth literally tens of thousands of dollars to ensure that our collies have free high-quality, nutritious food and treats, something some of our dogs never had before entering MWCR.  In addition, Arnie has volunteered at food distributions to assist the organizers and to help other rescues with their free food.  The Board formalized the work that Arnie has been performing and appointed Arnie as MWCR’s Food Distribution Coordinator.

As Food Distribution Coordinator, Arnie is responsible for establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with individuals and organizations coordinating donations, leading MWCR’s team at the dog food distributions, securing appropriate storage for the items, developing a distribution plan, and ensuring the equitable distribution of donated food and treats to foster homes.

Arnie and Kitty have volunteered for many years with MWCR and have transported and fostered numerous dogs.  They have graciously stored the donated items at their place and taken inventories of the items.  Their dedication and commitment to MWCR and our collies is commendable.  Please join the Board in congratulating Arnie in his new role and in thanking him for the work he has done, and will continue to do, for MWCR and our collies.

2016 calendars still available

calendar2016We have several copies of the 2016 MWCR calendar that can be ordered on the website at mwcr.org.
Our grateful thanks to Eileen Mack for putting together another gorgeous calendar and, of course, to our fabulous models for being so … well, fabulous! Some of this year’s pictures were submitted by foster parents, so check it out and see if your baby was a calendar cutie before you even met them 🙂
Get a sneak peek with the lovely video of this year’s beauties.

Rainbow Bridge: Altas of Rimrock

Atlas of Rimrock

September 12, 2002 to December 5, 2015

AtlasBorn September 12, 2002, Atlas of Rimrock, was probably the most exceptional collie we have had the privilege of sharing our lives with. Atlas came into MWCR on June 6, 2005 while I was holding the office of MWCR President.

I got a call on the MWCR hot line from a party in central Wisconsin that had a collie who had been hit by a car and they did not have the money to get his leg fixed. So for six weeks poor Atlas was limping around with a compound fracture of his right forearm. I put out a call to our members and we got Atlas transported to Joan Lindberg’s home in Esko, Minn. We placed Atlas with Joni because I had a good friend with a vet practice who’s specialty was orthopedics, and his practice was in Cloquet, just down the road from Joni’s Colliewood. I started a fund raiser and we raised $2,000 from the membership for Atlas’ surgery. Atlas stayed with Joni for several months during his recovery period.

During Atlas’ recovery my veterinarian friend from Cloquet, brought Atlas to our lake cottage in Vilas County, Wis., for a visit. This was the first time I saw Atlas, and when he got out of the car and saw the lake he ran down the hill and jumped right in and went swimming. It was at that moment I knew that I had to adopt Atlas. So on August 11, 2005 My wife Tamy and I adopted Atlas.

Atlas had a “happy go lucky” personality. He was sort of a goofy guy. He barked constantly when we went for a ride in the car or on the pontoon boat. He was happy, and playful and got along perfectly with our other three collies. In all the years we had Atlas, I never saw him show and kind of aggression. He loved everyone and he loved life. He was Happy, Happy, Happy! He claimed me for himself and followed me everywhere. Atlas and I were attached at the hip. His love of water perfectly matched my love for the same, and his happy fun loving personality made him a joy to be with. He was a sturdy, well built collie! A real manly fellow. He had a whimsical look about him with his right ear tipped backward and a constant smile on his face. For 10 wonderful years we had the privilege of sharing his life. He was healthy and energetic up until this year when he started slowing down. His back legs were getting weak and he could no longer climb the stairs to the second floor where he usually slept in our bedroom with us. So we moved his bed to the first floor but he insisted on sleeping at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me to come down and greet him every morning. This past summer he was finding it hard to walk down the hill to the lake. But even so he would make the trek up and back so he could go wading in the lake; he so loved the water. And his bark had become very weak now.

In November I noticed Atlas seemed to be having trouble swallowing and I thusly examined his neck. Much to my dismay, I found his lymph nodes were the size of walnuts. The biopsy that was performed came back positive for lymphoma. I could tell he was getting much weaker starting on December 1st, and on the morning of December 5th when he went out to potty, he did his business and then dropped to the grass and was too weak to get up. I helped him up and took him into the house. He laid on the floor and rested peacefully. I held him and I looked into his eyes and I could tell he was saying he couldn’t go on any longer. He was asking me to please help him. He did not appear to be in any pain but his body was shutting down. I called the vet and we said our last good byes to our beloved Atlas. And at 11:30 a.m. on December 5, 2015 Atlas went to the Rainbow Bridge. I carried his lifeless body out to the Vet’s car and Atlas went for his last car ride. OH HOW HE LOVED TO RIDE IN THE CAR! Tamy and I have had six collies over the past 20 years and saying good bye to them has never been as difficult as saying good bye to Atlas. I will cherish the time I was blessed to have with Atlas for the rest of my life. There is a huge empty hole in my heart now, where Atlas of Rimrock used to be. – Collie Hugs, Bob and Tamy Galanter

Bailey’s ‘Gotcha Day’ anniversary

BaileyToday is my one year anniversary of adopting Bailey. What a wonderful year it has been. Thanks to MWCR who made this day so special for us. And, in five days Bailey turns eleven. He is the sweetest boy and I am the luckiest Mommy. Today we started out with a nice, long walk through the park, followed by a treat, lots of rubs and massages, and soon we’re going for a car ride. 🙂 – Sharon

Holiday cards and membership renewals

mwcr logo

Holiday cards

MWCR is fortunate to have talented professional artists as members.  Last year, Chuck Heubach of Twin City Dog, created our holiday card.  This year, Kerri Bash of Magpie Dreams, created MWCR’s card.  We greatly appreciate our artistic members who so generously donate their talent to create special holiday cards for MWCR’s members and supporters.

Membership renewals

Current MWCR members will receive their 2016 membership renewal forms in the holiday card.  Please renew your membership either online at www.mwcr.org or by mailing the renewal form to MWCR.  Dues are $30 per person.  Renewals must be postmarked or renewed online by December 31 in order to be eligible to vote in the 2016 elections.  If you’re not a member yet and would like to join, please complete the membership application on MWCR’s website.

Fall events

Dave Gibson with Emily and Laddie

Dave Gibson with Emily and Laddie

Fall 2015 saw MWCR participating in more events to showcase our collies and promote awareness of MWCR.  The annual Harvest Howl at the Wildlife Science Center was held on a beautiful crisp day.  Barb and Dave Gibson with Emily and Laddie  and Cat Olund with Maui staffed our booth.  Later in October, Robin Kashuba with Harley and Shelby greeted people at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  As always, our collies were show stoppers!

MWCR’s Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser was held in November.  All attendees received a new MWCR tote bag filled with goodies.  Ann Olson of Animal Folks gave a thoughtful presentation on puppy mills and the steps being taken to address the problem.  Door prizes were given out, people enjoyed a delicious lasagna dinner, and of course, the silent auction was a big hit.

One more event will conclude our year – the first Caroling with Collies will be held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 13, at Catholic Eldercare in Minneapolis.  If you’d like to be part of this new event, please contact Judy Roggow at jroggow@visi.com.