Rainbow Bridge: Gertie

GertieGertie came to us right before the Memorial Day weekend of 2012. She won us over from day one:  fell asleep on the way home from our ‘pickup’ and never missed a beat. She moved right in, befriending our border collie, Scout, and our MWCR adoptee Belle, and making her presence felt right off.  She was the biggest canine in the house (1/2 Bernese Mt. Dog/half Collie, weighing in around 70#), and definitely the alpha. Funny, when she came, the first thing we said was “Gertie?  We’ll have to come up with a better name than that”, although she was already seven years old, so we tried for something similar. Didn’t work:  it didn’t take long to see that “Gertie” suited her just fine.
She loved to run; chase squirrels, groundhogs, and moles; eat; patrol our property border (the end of our 1/4-acre fenced dog pasture abuts a rails-to-trails path and is heavily used), with Scout; lie in the sun or lie in shade depending on the season; cadge treats; go for walks; and get petted, not necessarily in that order.  She became the queen of the realm in no time, as well as queen of our hearts.  When a prospective adopter was interested, we couldn’t bear to give her up, and we became foster failures.  She became Gert the Flirt when our youngest son or Ron’s brother would visit:  she just adored them and fell all over herself and them, obviously smitten.
 She had this adorable look, with her ears up and out to the side like the Flying Nun’s habit … we would call her Hope, because that was the look she had, so hopeful you had some special treat for her … or maybe just a good petting.
 Her unbounded joy in life – the outdoors, playing, walking, or just lying on her pillow or the couch – made our lives richer and full.  She loved her smoked bones from Bunzel’s (guarded jealously, as if anyone would dare cross her!), and sharing a piece of cheese with Mom at lunch time.  We only had her three and a half years, but she gave us so much more than we gave her.  She is mourned by Mom, Dad, and sister Belle, but she will never be forgotten.
Knowing she has met up with her brother, Max (another MWCR rescue) and step-brother, Scout, makes the hole she left behind a little easier to deal with.  She was definitely a keeper and one of a kind.  And she was well loved. – Mari, Ron and Belle

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