Rainbow Bridge: Reese

ReeseAnother hole in our hearts. With a heavy heart, we said goodbye to Reese on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Reese came into MWCR as a rescue in July 2006,  about three years old. He was a stray in an over-flow shelter in western Wisconsin. Due to his superb “pawsonality” and lack of kennel space, a pitbull mix was placed with him. Reese was attacked by this dog. He suffered deep puncture wounds to his chest and throat. These wounds were not treated until he was rescued. He barely weighed 50 lbs. and was very malnourished. Reese became a very handsome and amazing 85 pound  tricolor collie boy. So forgiving of his past.

Reese became the epitome of a collie having true characteristics and the disposition of his breed. He loved everyone, everything and life in general. He even liked cats! Reese took on the role of a teacher with all the foster collies who came through our doors. He was the only collie that we have enjoyed with such facial expressions. He had the best smile even when he was naughty and being reprimanded. Easily trained, he kept our home hoppin’ with his constant enthusiastic gregarious spirit.

About two years ago, he developed a minor skin infection on his back. With medication and frequent baths, the infection subsided with recurring flare-ups. Finally, after one year of continuous problematic skin infections, skin biopsies diagnosed Reese as having Dermatomyositis. We had never heard of this debilitating disease but after much research, it is common in collies & sheepdogs.

This disease gradually affects muscles and organs. We provided comfort care until it was his time to cross the Bridge. Such a devastating and heartbreaking time. Reese, being true to his breed never complained and remained stoic to the end.

Reese has enjoyed and trained his two MWCR adopted brothers, E Z Ryder and Gabe. He was our devoted and loving companion for over nine years. He was our hooligan making our time with him fun. Very quiet and sad here. – Tom & Vickie

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