Rainbow Bridge: Wins

WinsIt is with the deepest sadness that I must tell you we said goodbye to Wins on Aug 24, 2015 at age 13 years, 8 months. He came into our home in July, 2008 as the first male collie I ever had. He set the standard for me of the perfect collie. All of my collies have been special but he had the most traits that made him the most special.
In 2012, we were told he had an inoperable tumor in the soft tissue of his right back paw. In order to save his life, he would have to have his leg amputated but the veterinarians were confident it would be curative. He was almost 11 and in otherwise very good health. I contacted MWCR to ask if members had any experience with three-legged collies. Members emailed me with their thoughts, consolation and advice. They assured me Wins would adapt and enjoy a quality life after recovering from the surgery. Wins had the surgery in September, 2012 and I wished for two years of quality life for him. I received my wish and then some as he lived almost three years after surgery. We both adapted to less stairs and shorter, more frequent walks. We came up with ways to handle slippery floors and ice and deep snow in the winter. Our new “normal” was pretty wonderful.
However, this summer he was becoming frail and sleeping most of the time. The day came when he would not eat and I knew he was ready to give up the good fight and we had to say goodbye. I cannot express how grateful I am to MWCR that we were allowed to adopt Wins and bring him into our home. I will never forget him and the happiness he brought us. – Sincerely, Cathy Cosgrove

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