Rainbow Bridge: Reese

ReeseAnother hole in our hearts. With a heavy heart, we said goodbye to Reese on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Reese came into MWCR as a rescue in July 2006,  about three years old. He was a stray in an over-flow shelter in western Wisconsin. Due to his superb “pawsonality” and lack of kennel space, a pitbull mix was placed with him. Reese was attacked by this dog. He suffered deep puncture wounds to his chest and throat. These wounds were not treated until he was rescued. He barely weighed 50 lbs. and was very malnourished. Reese became a very handsome and amazing 85 pound  tricolor collie boy. So forgiving of his past.

Reese became the epitome of a collie having true characteristics and the disposition of his breed. He loved everyone, everything and life in general. He even liked cats! Reese took on the role of a teacher with all the foster collies who came through our doors. He was the only collie that we have enjoyed with such facial expressions. He had the best smile even when he was naughty and being reprimanded. Easily trained, he kept our home hoppin’ with his constant enthusiastic gregarious spirit.

About two years ago, he developed a minor skin infection on his back. With medication and frequent baths, the infection subsided with recurring flare-ups. Finally, after one year of continuous problematic skin infections, skin biopsies diagnosed Reese as having Dermatomyositis. We had never heard of this debilitating disease but after much research, it is common in collies & sheepdogs.

This disease gradually affects muscles and organs. We provided comfort care until it was his time to cross the Bridge. Such a devastating and heartbreaking time. Reese, being true to his breed never complained and remained stoic to the end.

Reese has enjoyed and trained his two MWCR adopted brothers, E Z Ryder and Gabe. He was our devoted and loving companion for over nine years. He was our hooligan making our time with him fun. Very quiet and sad here. – Tom & Vickie

October adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR VP & Adoption Coordinator


Dear Prudence, a 3 1/2-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Prudence was originally adopted from MWCR as a puppy and due to significant changes in her owner’s personal life she needed to come back into rescue. Now this sweet, active, friendly girl has gone from one loving home to another. Pru attended the Madison frolic and got to spend some time with her new collie siblings and it was a great match, she even ran interference to make sure the younger pups didn’t get too rambunctious with her new senior brother :-). So congratulations to Prudence and company!

          Dear Prudence, greet a brand new day.
          The sun is up, the sky is blue,
          It’s beautiful, and so are you
          Dear Prudence . . .

October photo wall

Updated photo of recently adopted Laddie. xx says he continues to do well adjusting to his forever home. He is a real people dog and loves his daily walks and meeting new neighbors. His coat is growing in and will keep him warm this winter. Thanks again to Mary his foster Mom and all of you at MWCR

Updated photo of recently adopted Laddie. Tom M. says he continues to do well adjusting to his forever home. He is a real people dog and loves his daily walks and meeting new neighbors. His coat is growing in and will keep him warm this winter. Thanks again to Mary his foster Mom and all of you at MWCR.



Bonnie C. says Desi is the biggest neighborhood snoop. Nothing gets by her!


Rivers Rebernick having the best time at the Madison Collie Frolic, Sunday, Oct. 4.

Rivers Rebernick having the best time ever at the Madison Collie Frolic, Sunday, Oct. 4 (more pictures)


Mom's on vacation and I've been good. So guess who's going to the dog park! (Submitted by Kathy Knoll)

Jake Knoll says: Mom’s on vacation and I’ve been good. So guess who’s going to the dog park!


Kotah and Mac, adopted earlier this year.

Kotah and Mac, BFF’s adopted earlier this year.


Ready to go on a beautiful fall day.

Ready to go on a beautiful fall day.


2014 adoptee Shea, all set for Halloween!

2014 adoptee Shea, all set for Halloween!

Still time to register for the Annual Dinner & Fundraiser

collieMWCR Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser is fast approaching and will be as much fun as previous gatherings.  It’s the perfect setting to visit with other collie-lovers, hear a nationally-recognized speaker, get an early start on holiday shopping by visiting our silent auction and vendors, and enjoy a delicious meal.  Traditional and vegetarian lasagna, Caesar salad, breadsticks, and a large table of yummy desserts will be served.

We’ll be gathering from 3 – 6 p.m. on Saturday, November 7, at the American Legion located at 949 Wayzata Blvd. E. in Wayzata, Minnesota.  Everyone who attends will receive a tote bag created by MWCR members Yogi and Joan Tadisch that is filled with goodies.  Plus, we’ll have door prizes and a few surprises.  So, if you’re planning to attend, please let us know by registering online at www.mwcr.org, emailing tlibro@hotmail.com, or calling Terry at 952-432-0200.  Admission is only $18 per person or $15 per person if bringing a dessert to share.  Payment can be made online via Paypal, or by check, cash, or credit card at the Dinner.

Looking forward to seeing you on November 7!

MWCR Events and Fundraising Committee

Adoption update: Rocky (fka Simon)

Rocket1After five months, Rocky (formerly known as Simon), has settled in well with our other two collies.  After he fell in to the pool on day one (he didn’t know what a solar cover was), he hasn’t gone in voluntarily since. He loves to go on trips, even if it is to just move my late mother’s stuff from a storage locker.

He clearly isn’t a purebred as this fall he developed a spot similar to those of a spaniel under the white topcoat. Which makes sense given he is 2/3 the size of our other collies.Rocket

Strangest thing with him is he loves raspberries. Gave him a few of the fall berries and he just dug in on those that had fallen off the bushes. – John Tremble

Rainbow Bridge: Little Bear

Little BearI was just checking your website and saw rainbow bridge with all of the pictures. I don’t believe that I told you that Little Bear passed last year. Actually the same week that my mother passed who loved him very much. He had a great life with us and was much loved and is very much missed. He was heartworm positive when I got him from the rescue but we beat it. He passed of old age and perhaps the heartworm damage sped that up a little but we were never sure how old he really was. I still have the other younger collie that I adopted from you, Gem, and she is doing well with her new Corgi friend. She was very sad for many months after Little Bear died but she is fine now. Next year I may be looking to add another collie to our lives. – Linda Dreyfus

Rainbow Bridge: Wins

WinsIt is with the deepest sadness that I must tell you we said goodbye to Wins on Aug 24, 2015 at age 13 years, 8 months. He came into our home in July, 2008 as the first male collie I ever had. He set the standard for me of the perfect collie. All of my collies have been special but he had the most traits that made him the most special.
In 2012, we were told he had an inoperable tumor in the soft tissue of his right back paw. In order to save his life, he would have to have his leg amputated but the veterinarians were confident it would be curative. He was almost 11 and in otherwise very good health. I contacted MWCR to ask if members had any experience with three-legged collies. Members emailed me with their thoughts, consolation and advice. They assured me Wins would adapt and enjoy a quality life after recovering from the surgery. Wins had the surgery in September, 2012 and I wished for two years of quality life for him. I received my wish and then some as he lived almost three years after surgery. We both adapted to less stairs and shorter, more frequent walks. We came up with ways to handle slippery floors and ice and deep snow in the winter. Our new “normal” was pretty wonderful.
However, this summer he was becoming frail and sleeping most of the time. The day came when he would not eat and I knew he was ready to give up the good fight and we had to say goodbye. I cannot express how grateful I am to MWCR that we were allowed to adopt Wins and bring him into our home. I will never forget him and the happiness he brought us. – Sincerely, Cathy Cosgrove