Being a Princess Isn’t Easy

By Emily Ester Rose Gibson
Emily (with Frisbee), Laddie and a Sheltie friend.

Emily (with Frisbee), Laddie and a Sheltie friend.

Hello, its little Em here. I still love my nickname that I was given when I was just a little pup. Sometimes I still like reverting to puppyhood although my body doesn’t always want to cooperate anymore. Nevertheless I can still chase that Frisbee at least a couple of times, maybe not continually like I used to, but enough so I get mad when my Mom forgets it on our walks.

I think I shall retire soon and spend most of my time lying on my throne and getting waited on and pampered. The problem with all of this is my brother Laddie Luke. If I want to stay home and take it easy he says, not me, l am ready to go, and he even has the nerve to run out and hop in the car! While I can keep him in control most of the time, due mainly to his meek and obedient nature, there are times when he really needs chewing out! He does listen however.

For example, when I was refusing to retrieve the dumbbell at home during practice, he butted in and tried to show me how to do it, as if I didn’t know! Of course I did, I just didn’t want to, but he went and did it correctly three times in a row! Well, that was enough for me, I turned around and gave him a royal chewing out! This worked because he refuses to hardly touch it now. My Mom has tried and tried, and he refuses, ha, ha, I got him there. To show him up even more, I decided that now I will do it. I run out, pick up the dumbbell, and bring it back on command. I really do like working with my Mom, but I want to do it for fun now, not work in shows.

My dilemma is what if Laddie Luke does??? We are even now, I got a trophy in rally, and he got one in beginning obedience and we both got our Canine Good Citizen medal. If he goes on, and I retire, will this mean that I will be displaced off of my throne? I am trying to convince him to retire too, and just be a happy subject under my rule.

The problems of being a princess are immense, especially when you have a smart brother who may not always want to be a subject.

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