MWCR’s Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser is Saturday, Nov. 7

MapleLeafJoin us for another great evening of fun and delicious food at MWCR’s Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser on Saturday, Nov. 7, from 3 – 6 p.m., at the Wayzata American Legion in Wayzata, Minn.

Once again, we’ll have a large silent auction, goodies for dogs and people from Gray Gable Farm, MWCR items for sale, and free items for all.  Doors open at 3 p.m. for registration and a social hour.  At 4 p.m., Ann Olson, founder and Executive Director of Animal Folks, will give a timely presentation on puppy mills and the animal welfare legislation that went into effect in July 2015 in Minnesota.  Ann does not bombard people with graphic pictures, but addresses the issue in a thoughtful and compassionate manner.  Dinner, with both traditional and vegetarian lasagna, will be served at 5 p.m., followed by a short business update, recognitions, and door prizes.

This dinner is always a great opportunity for collie lovers to gather and visit and to support MWCR.  Admission is $18 per person or $15 per person if you bring a dessert to share.  Online registration is available at or you can email Terry at  We’re looking forward to seeing you again this year!

See this year’s schedule here.

September photo wall

Victor enjoying the Fall weather (submitted by Beth Gibson).

Victor enjoying the Fall weather (submitted by Beth Gibson).


A happy Cameron (submitted by Michelle McDermott).

MWCR alum Cameron shows us his happy face (submitted by Michelle McDermott).


Update on Campbell, adopted last winter smile emoticon : Campbell has made himself completely at home, he's great, we love him. Barking at squirrels and deer out the front windows and herding the vegtable garden in the back yard is hard work though, a dog needs his rest!

MWCR alum Campbell, adopted last winter, has made himself completely at home. Barking at squirrels and deer out the front windows and herding. It’s all hard work though, a dog needs his rest!


Austin, adopted in 2010

Austin, adopted in 2010




Gabe, adopted three years ago (submitted by Vickie Dutter).


EZ Rider, Gabe's older brother

EZ Rider, Gabe’s older brother (submitted by Vickie Dutter)








What's a dog to do when he thinks Mum's coming to bed but she's on her computer instead? Keeper keeps her bed warm (submitted by Marian Ridge).

What’s a dog to do when he thinks Mum’s coming to bed but she’s on her computer instead? Keeper keeps her bed warm (submitted by Marian Ridge).

























The Hopkins clan finds it’s hard work playing in the last of the summer heat (tri-color is Geronimo, rough sable is Shasta and the smoothie is Scottie):

hop2 hop3

A boy and his collie. Grandson Parker and Brogan (submitted by Julie).

A boy and his collie. Grandson Parker and Brogan (submitted by Julie).

Last Chance to Purchase Pause 4 Paws Raffle Tickets

raffleThe November drawing for the Pause 4 Paws raffle is quickly approaching.  The drawing will be held at the Pause 4 Paws Fall event on Thursday, November 5, 2015, in Minneapolis.

This is a great chance to have fun and raise funds for MWCR.  If you’d like to purchase a ticket, please send your check by October 15 for $100 made payable to Pause 4 Paws to:


Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue

1600 18th Avenue NE

PO Box 68006

Minneapolis, MN  55418

We will then mail your raffle ticket to you and forward your check to Pause 4 Paws.

Thank you for supporting Pause 4 Paws and the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.  Good luck!!!

September adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR VP and Adoption Coordinator
Macy gets in some bonding time with her new family.

Macy gets in some bonding time with her new family.

Sweet Macy, an 8-year-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. This gentle girl has had some medical issues and tough breaks in life so far but we all hoping those days are behind her. She is now in a loving home with a loving family who is willing to take on those challenges and the reports are that she is loving it too 🙂




Murdoch, a 4-year-old mahogany sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Murdoch came to us as a stray with several problems including a bad wound on his back end, probably a bite from another animal. Possibly due to the incident that caused his wounds, Murdoch is very fearful of other dogs and needed to be in a single dog home. Despite everything he is a sweet boy who loves his people and enjoys a good game of ball. I can only imagine the frightening things he has had to endure in his life so far and his new mom and dad are ready to give him the safe, loving life he deserves. Hopefully he’ll even grow some hair in before the cold weather comes ;-). Congratulations!




Our handsome masked merle smoothie, Zorro, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. This sweet 5-year-old came to MWCR from another rescue after being surrendered by his owner. Although he is a little shy, his new family includes two confident canine sisters that seem ready to show him all about the good life in a loving home. Happy day!




Pasqual, a 5-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. When she came into rescue she tested positive for Lymes Disease and completed treatment. This lovely girl is shy at first, but once she warms up she loves to be with her people and have their attention although she is quite nervous around young, active children. Pasqual’s new mom and dad are experienced collie owners who have been waiting for just the right one to join their family and this sweet, smart girl is a great fit. Congratulations!


Barron and Bella

Barron and Bella

Did someone say ‘bonded pair’? Yes they did and I’m happy to report that handsome 5-year-old tricolor Barron and his lifelong companion, 9-year-old tricolor Bella, have found a forever home together. They were sadly surrendered to MWCR due to changing life circumstances and when sweet Bella came in we discovered that she had a uterine infection. She had the surgery and treatment needed right away and thanks to the excellent care of her foster mom and dad she was soon doing well and ready for adoption. Now Barron and Bella have been adopted by a wonderful couple who have rescued many dogs over the years and will be living with some canine siblings as well as horses and cats. Their foster mom says that they have a special bond for each other and a way of creating a strong bond with their people, each in their own way. Such a great outcome for everyone involved :-).




Dashing Oliver, a 2-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Although Oliver spent his life until now in a loving home, he was sadly surrendered due to changing life circumstances. Oliver’s new mom and dad have lots of collie experience and will be able to spend plenty of time giving him the attention and love such a sweet boy deserves. A wonderful outcome for a wonderful collie!

MWCR September Events

By Terry Libro, MWCR President

ResponsibleThe heat and humidity didn’t stop people from attending the seventh annual Responsible Dog Ownership Day held at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Lake Elmo, Minn.  Barb Gibson, along with Emily and Laddie, greeted young and old who stopped at MWCR’s table.  The event showcased over thirty dog breeds and included events such as obedience, rally, tracking, and cart pulling.

The newest dog park in Brooklyn Park, Minn. was the location of this year’s Bark Park Dog Expo.  Rodgers, who made his debut last year as a puppy at the Bark Park Expo, returned this year with his mom Chris Norman and big brother KJ to charm the crowd.  Rodgers made sure that all visitors to our booth received a free rawhide chew.  In addition to staffing our booth, Chris also served as host and announcer for the Expo.

Thank you to Laddie, Emily, Rodgers, Barb, Chris, and KJ for representing MWCR so well!

See more pictures from both events here.

Rainbow Bridge: Gumbo (Bo)

BoI just wanted to let you know that Bo passed yesterday after battling liver cancer for the last several months.  I believe I adopted him in 2006.  He had a gentle and loving soul and will be missed by everyone that knew him.

Since adopting him we moved to Texas, and then about a year and a half ago to Pennsylvania.  He loved the beach, and HIS cat.  His only regret in life is that he never actually was able to catch a bunny or squirrel.

GumboThank you for the work that you do, and for bringing us together nine years ago. – Mike Krivitsky

Being a Princess Isn’t Easy

By Emily Ester Rose Gibson
Emily (with Frisbee), Laddie and a Sheltie friend.

Emily (with Frisbee), Laddie and a Sheltie friend.

Hello, its little Em here. I still love my nickname that I was given when I was just a little pup. Sometimes I still like reverting to puppyhood although my body doesn’t always want to cooperate anymore. Nevertheless I can still chase that Frisbee at least a couple of times, maybe not continually like I used to, but enough so I get mad when my Mom forgets it on our walks.

I think I shall retire soon and spend most of my time lying on my throne and getting waited on and pampered. The problem with all of this is my brother Laddie Luke. If I want to stay home and take it easy he says, not me, l am ready to go, and he even has the nerve to run out and hop in the car! While I can keep him in control most of the time, due mainly to his meek and obedient nature, there are times when he really needs chewing out! He does listen however.

For example, when I was refusing to retrieve the dumbbell at home during practice, he butted in and tried to show me how to do it, as if I didn’t know! Of course I did, I just didn’t want to, but he went and did it correctly three times in a row! Well, that was enough for me, I turned around and gave him a royal chewing out! This worked because he refuses to hardly touch it now. My Mom has tried and tried, and he refuses, ha, ha, I got him there. To show him up even more, I decided that now I will do it. I run out, pick up the dumbbell, and bring it back on command. I really do like working with my Mom, but I want to do it for fun now, not work in shows.

My dilemma is what if Laddie Luke does??? We are even now, I got a trophy in rally, and he got one in beginning obedience and we both got our Canine Good Citizen medal. If he goes on, and I retire, will this mean that I will be displaced off of my throne? I am trying to convince him to retire too, and just be a happy subject under my rule.

The problems of being a princess are immense, especially when you have a smart brother who may not always want to be a subject.

Adoption update: Victor

VictorwinterI wanted to share an update on Victor.   I  adopted Victor in February of 2014.  He came from unfortunate circumstances and has been challenged with severe fear issues.  He has slowly become comfortable in our home and is happy and loved. We have been working with our vet on some unusual gait issues.  Turns out both front elbows and ankles and feet have pretty severe degenerative arthritis. Most likely from nutritional deficiency throughout his life. Victor is now six years old. We are familiar with taking care of this , but usually it had been with our seniors. We will of course take care of Victor for as long as we can.  He is a gentle living soul. – Beth Gibson 

Adoption update: Snickers

Nick22Update on Snickers (fka Nick), who was an owner surrender adopted in 2013. He came into rescue already shaved, which was a shame, but it did allow us to see how much weight he needed to lose – originally weighing in at 117 lbs. His new mom writes:
After adopting him, I decided that he was so sweet that I changed his name from Nick to Snickers. Snickers’ coat started to grow back to a beautiful sable. With additional help from the vet, Snickers went on a diet and slowly started to lose weight.
Nick+2015 As of this past month, Snickers is down to a much healthier 73 pounds. He loves to play fetch and we spend time everyday playing with his favorite toys.  At ten years old, he has some arthritis in his hips and back, but we still go for gentle walks so that he can get exercise. Everyone who meets Snickers loves him.  Although I have had other really good dogs, Snickers is the best dog I have ever had. I am so grateful to MWCR for letting me adopt Nick, who has thrived despite his difficult circumstances. He is a happy boy who loves to play as much as he loves to cuddle 🙂