Do you feel lucky? Raffle tickets for sale to benefit Pause 4 Paws and MWCR

rafflePause 4 Paws, a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Minnesota, supports select rescues by hosting events to showcase rescues and by raising funds which are then distributed to rescues.  The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue is honored to be one of the eighteen organizations selected as a Beneficiary to receive funding from Pause 4 Paws (

Pause 4 Paws is holding a raffle to raise funds for its rescues.  Only 500 raffle tickets will be sold at $100 each.  Multiple people can go in on one ticket; for example, four friends or coworkers could each contribute $25 and share in the winnings.  Ten prizes will be awarded, so your chance of winning is 1 in 50 – much better than the lottery!  The prizes are:
  • One $10,000 Grand Prize winner
  • Two $5,000 winners
  • Three $1,000 winners
  • Four $500 winners

The drawing will be held at the Pause 4 Paws Fall event on Thursday, November 5, 2015, in Minneapolis.  People do not need to be present to win.  MWCR will have a booth at the Fall Event, so we’ll be the first to know if one of our tickets is drawn as a winner.

Half of the money raised with this raffle will go to the prizes and half will go to Pause 4 Paws to be distributed to its beneficiaries, including MWCR.  MWCR will get $20 for every ticket that we sell.   Plus, if a ticket sold by MWCR is drawn as the grand prize winner, MWCR will get $1,000.

So, this is a great chance to have fun and raise funds for MWCR.  If you’d like to purchase a ticket, please send your check for $100 made payable to Pause 4 Paws to:

Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue

1600 18th Avenue NE

PO Box 68006

Minneapolis, MN  55418

We will then mail your ticket to you and forward your check to Pause 4 Paws.

Thank you for supporting Pause 4 Paws and the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.  Good luck!!!

Additionally, Pause 4 Paws is celebrating their fourth birthday!

Celebrating Four Years of Helping Animals

On Sunday, July 26, Pause 4 Paws turned four years old! While we are a few days late in celebrating, we have been too busy working with our 18 beneficiaries Pause 4 Paws supports. Those beneficiaries have helped save over 22,000 dogs and cats during our four years of existence. None of this is possible without the hard work and support of our beneficiaries providing excellent care, our individual supporters and sponsors.

 As we recognize the great work that has been done, we know there is so much more to do. Look for a formal save the date to our annual event, A Tail-Wagging Affair on November 5th. Details on how to attend and/or give will soon follow.
Meows and woofs,
Pause 4 Paws



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