MWCR Wisconsin Events Coordinator

mwcr logoWisconsin native and former MWCR Board member, Leslie Ciaccio, has taken over the role of Wisconsin Events Coordinator from Laura Michlig who served in that capacity for several years.  Thank you, Laura, for the many hours that you devoted to successfully organizing MWCR events over the years and thank you, Leslie, for taking on this new role.


LeslieLeslie’s recent trip to Minneapolis for a business convention provided the perfect opportunity for several MWCR members to gather for dinner and get caught up.  Leslie, Mary Hickerson, Kitty and Arnie Hilk, Linda Riegger, and I spent a lovely evening dining on the shores of Lake Minnetonka and discussing the wonderful work that all of our members and volunteers have done over the years to make MWCR the successful organization that it is.

– Terry Libro, MWCR President




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