MWCR volunteers and collies busy at pet events

By Terry Libro, MWCR President & Events Coordinator

MWCR Volunteers and their gorgeous collies have been busy this summer being ambassadors for MWCR at several pet events.

Keeper models a party collar

Keeper models a party collar

Keeper made his debut as an ambassador for MWCR with his mom, Marian Ridge, at the Canine Carnival held at the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minn.  Keeper, along with Maui Olund and his mom Cat, charmed the crowd and were not at all afraid of the wolves and bears in the compounds behind us.

Pet Expo

Pet Expo

MWCR had a booth at the new one-day Minnesota Pet Expo held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Brenda Pulkrabek, with Eddie who proudly wore the MWCR donation vest, staffed the booth in the morning.  In the afternoon, newcomers Ingrid and Ron Roed, with Skye and Snooper, staffed our booth.  Skye and Snooper handled their roles like pros.



The very popular CBS Radio Pet-A-Palooza held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul was once again a hit with everyone.  Brenda Pulkrabek with Eddie, Marian Ridge with Keeper, and Cat Olund with Maui greeted people all day.  Several collies, including several adopted from MWCR, visited our booth.  MWCR members and proud new parents Russell and Christina Sager along with grandparents Donna and Dennis Sager posed with baby Allie and their collies, Nessa and Dallas, at our booth.  Can’t wait until Allie will be volunteering at our booth!

The Fifth Annual Animal Lovers Meet and Greet held outside of Roberts, Wis.  gave members of several rescues from western Wisconsin and Minnesota a chance to network and learn about our organizations.  Barb Gibson, Leslie Ciaccio, and I attended and shared information about MWCR.

Visitors to the booth at the Dog Days of Summer

Visitors to the booth at the Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer held at the Alimagnet Dog Park in Burnsville, MN lived up to its name.  Barb and Dave Gibson with Emily and Laddie staffed MWCR’s booth along with Kitty and Arnie Hilk who decided that the weather was a bit too warm for Tristan, Jackson, and Sammi.  MWCR member and adopter Lori Gustafson, who had a booth next to us and who often brings her collies, decided they’d prefer the air conditioning at home.  MWCR volunteer and transporter Doug Jurcich also spent the day at our booth.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at our booths and who brought their collies as ambassadors for MWCR.  People simply can’t resist hugging a sweet, furry collie!  These events are a great way to promote MWCR as a rescue, share our stories with potential adopters, showcase our gorgeous collies, and receive donations to help our foster collies.

In August, MWCR will be at the Dog Days Westonka in Mound, Minn. on August 22.  Also, be sure to mark you calendars for MWCR’s Annual Dinner on Saturday, November 7.

For more pictures of these events please click here

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