July adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR VP & Adoption Coordinator



Five-year-old tricolor,¬†Nicholas, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota and Arizona. This lucky boy is trading his previous lonely life for for that of pampered pet and companion. Nicholas will be enjoying the beauty of Minnesota during the summer and escaping to the warmth and sunshine of Arizona during the sometimes harsh winters we ‘enjoy’ around here. ūüėČ Pretty sweet deal for a pretty sweet boy!



Sweet Kelpie, a 4-year-old merle-headed white male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. This shy boy can take a little time to warm up to new people but once he does he is more than willing to share collie cuddles and love. He tested positive for Lymes disease when he came into rescue and is doing well after treatment. Kelpie was very happy to meet his new mom, dad and collie sister and I’m so glad the he gets to be a part of such a great collie family. Congratulations, handsome boy!






Beautiful Sammi, a 4-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Sammi came to MWCR after she was surrendered to a local shelter for “conduct unbecoming a farm dog”. Between you and me, I don’t really think her offenses were worthy of ‘discharge’. I mean, I doubt that cat liked being chased up a tree and the turkey probably didn’t appreciate the attention either, but hey, no harm no ‘fowl’, right? Fortunately for Sammi, she landed in just the right place and her foster home has decided that she fits in perfectly with their pack and should be a permanent member. Congratulations, Sammi girl!


July photo wall

A whirling dervish? No, it's MWCR alum Jinny trying ti get dad Brad a little wet.

A whirling dervish? No, it’s Jinny trying to get dad Brad a little wet (photos by Amy Sillanpa).


Jinny's BFF Kaelyn helping with the bath.

Jinny’s BFF Kaelyn helping with the bath.


Jake Knoll helping with the yard work

Jake helping with the yard work.


And Jake enjoying his efforts (photos submitted by Kathy Knoll)

And Jake enjoying his efforts (photos by Kathy Knoll).


Ginger enjoys going to the beach (photo by Twila Kock).

Ginger enjoys going to the beach (photo by Twila Kock).


Although at the Rainbow Bridge, Trevor still hold a place in Douglas Gotch's heart

Although at the Rainbow Bridge, Trevor still holds a place in Douglas Gotch’s heart


Emmie, adopted by Jennie Vitty-Rogers from a group of 19 puppies MWCR took in  a few years ago. She now lives in Atlanta.

Emmie, adopted by Jennie Vitty-Rogers, from a group of 19 puppies MWCR took in a few years ago. She now lives in Atlanta.


Benny's first birthday included cupcakes! (Photo by Matt Beckwith)

Benny’s first birthday included cupcakes (photo by Matt Beckwith).


Benny relaxes after his birthday party (photo by Matt Beckwith).

Benny relaxes after his birthday party (photo by Matt Beckwith).



Do you feel lucky? Raffle tickets for sale to benefit Pause 4 Paws and MWCR

rafflePause 4 Paws, a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Minnesota, supports select rescues by hosting events to showcase rescues and by raising funds which are then distributed to rescues.  The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue is honored to be one of the eighteen organizations selected as a Beneficiary to receive funding from Pause 4 Paws (www.pause4pawsmn.org).

Pause 4 Paws is holding a raffle to raise funds for its rescues.  Only 500 raffle tickets will be sold at $100 each.  Multiple people can go in on one ticket; for example, four friends or coworkers could each contribute $25 and share in the winnings.  Ten prizes will be awarded, so your chance of winning is 1 in 50 Рmuch better than the lottery!  The prizes are:
  • One $10,000 Grand Prize winner
  • Two $5,000 winners
  • Three $1,000 winners
  • Four $500 winners

The drawing will be held at the Pause 4 Paws Fall event on Thursday, November 5, 2015, in Minneapolis.¬† People do not need to be present to win.¬† MWCR will¬†have a booth¬†at the Fall Event, so we’ll be the first to know if one of our tickets is drawn as a winner.

Half of the money raised with this raffle will go to the prizes and half will go to Pause 4 Paws to be distributed to its beneficiaries, including MWCR.  MWCR will get $20 for every ticket that we sell.   Plus, if a ticket sold by MWCR is drawn as the grand prize winner, MWCR will get $1,000.

So, this is a great chance to have fun and raise funds for MWCR.¬† If you’d like to purchase a ticket, please send your check for $100 made payable to Pause 4 Paws to:

Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue

1600 18th Avenue NE

PO Box 68006

Minneapolis, MN  55418

We will then mail your ticket to you and forward your check to Pause 4 Paws.

Thank you for supporting Pause 4 Paws and the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.  Good luck!!!

Additionally, Pause 4 Paws is celebrating their fourth birthday!

Celebrating Four Years of Helping Animals

On Sunday, July 26, Pause 4 Paws turned four years old! While we are a few days late in celebrating, we have been too busy working with our 18 beneficiaries Pause 4 Paws supports. Those beneficiaries have helped save over 22,000 dogs and cats during our four years of existence. None of this is possible without the hard work and support of our beneficiaries providing excellent care, our individual supporters and sponsors.

 As we recognize the great work that has been done, we know there is so much more to do. Look for a formal save the date to our annual event, A Tail-Wagging Affair on November 5th. Details on how to attend and/or give will soon follow.
Meows and woofs,
Pause 4 Paws



MWCR Wisconsin Events Coordinator

mwcr logoWisconsin native and former MWCR Board member, Leslie Ciaccio, has taken over the role of Wisconsin Events Coordinator from Laura Michlig who served in that capacity for several years.  Thank you, Laura, for the many hours that you devoted to successfully organizing MWCR events over the years and thank you, Leslie, for taking on this new role.


LeslieLeslie’s recent trip to¬†Minneapolis for a business convention provided the perfect opportunity for several MWCR members to gather for dinner and get caught up.¬† Leslie, Mary Hickerson, Kitty and Arnie Hilk, Linda Riegger, and I spent a lovely evening dining on the shores of Lake Minnetonka and discussing the¬†wonderful work that all of our members and volunteers have done over the years to make MWCR the successful organization that it is.

– Terry Libro, MWCR President




MWCR volunteers and collies busy at pet events

By Terry Libro, MWCR President & Events Coordinator

MWCR Volunteers and their gorgeous collies have been busy this summer being ambassadors for MWCR at several pet events.

Keeper models a party collar

Keeper models a party collar

Keeper made his debut as an ambassador for MWCR with his mom, Marian Ridge, at the Canine Carnival held at the Wildlife Science Center in Forest Lake, Minn.  Keeper, along with Maui Olund and his mom Cat, charmed the crowd and were not at all afraid of the wolves and bears in the compounds behind us.

Pet Expo

Pet Expo

MWCR had a booth at the new one-day Minnesota Pet Expo held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Brenda Pulkrabek, with Eddie who proudly wore the MWCR donation vest, staffed the booth in the morning.  In the afternoon, newcomers Ingrid and Ron Roed, with Skye and Snooper, staffed our booth.  Skye and Snooper handled their roles like pros.



The very popular CBS Radio Pet-A-Palooza held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul was once again a hit with everyone.¬† Brenda Pulkrabek with Eddie, Marian Ridge with Keeper, and Cat Olund with Maui greeted people all day.¬† Several collies, including several adopted from MWCR, visited our booth.¬† MWCR members and¬†proud new parents Russell and Christina Sager along with grandparents Donna and Dennis Sager posed with baby Allie and their collies, Nessa and Dallas, at our booth.¬† Can’t wait until Allie will be volunteering at our booth!

The Fifth Annual Animal Lovers Meet and Greet held outside of Roberts, Wis.  gave members of several rescues from western Wisconsin and Minnesota a chance to network and learn about our organizations.  Barb Gibson, Leslie Ciaccio, and I attended and shared information about MWCR.

Visitors to the booth at the Dog Days of Summer

Visitors to the booth at the Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer held at the Alimagnet Dog Park in Burnsville, MN lived up to its name.¬† Barb and Dave Gibson with Emily and Laddie staffed MWCR’s booth along with Kitty and Arnie Hilk who decided that the weather was a bit too warm for Tristan, Jackson, and Sammi.¬† MWCR member and adopter Lori Gustafson, who had a booth next to us and who often brings her collies, decided they’d prefer the air conditioning at home.¬† MWCR volunteer and transporter Doug Jurcich also¬†spent the day at¬†our booth.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at our booths and who brought their collies as ambassadors for MWCR.¬† People simply can’t resist hugging a sweet, furry collie!¬† These events are a great way to promote MWCR as a rescue, share our stories with potential adopters, showcase our gorgeous collies, and¬†receive donations to help our foster collies.

In August, MWCR will be at the Dog Days Westonka in Mound, Minn. on August 22.¬† Also, be sure to mark you calendars for MWCR’s Annual Dinner on Saturday, November 7.

For more pictures of these events please click here

Food donations

MWCR has been fortunate to be the periodic recipient of dog food and treats, as well as a few bags of cat food, as part of a local pet food distribution. This is being distributed to our foster homes.

Barb and Dave Gibson

Barb and Dave Gibson

MWCR President Terry Libro snapped these pictures of MWCR¬† members Kitty and Arnie Hilk¬†and Barb and¬†Dave Gibson working hard in the off-and-on again drizzle to unload the semi-trailer, sort the items,¬†and load Arnie’s pick-up.

Arnie loading up his truck.

Arnie loading up his truck.




Supervising the operation were the Hilk’s trio –¬†Tristan, Jackson and Sammi

Rainbow Bridge: Charger

ChargerHello. My husband Ron and I adopted Daryl, whom we renamed Charger, in October 2008.¬† Our hearts are saddened to say we had to put Charger down on July 1,¬†because of a brain tumor.¬† He was fine Sunday afternoon and in the evening he started limping and he went quickly downhill from there.¬† He was the happiest dog I have ever met.¬† He had the greatest ‚Äúcorkscrew tail wag‚ÄĚ in the world and lots of kisses to welcome us home after a long day of work.¬† We have been blessed to have him as long as we did we will miss him everyday.¬†
 РWith a heavy heart, Connie Chicha

I Love, I Love, I Love My Calendar Collie!

posing collieIt’s time again to take and save cute high resolution photos of your calendar model.
Here are the tips:
  1. The photo must be of high quality. The originally taken photo should be at least 1M in size and the bigger the better, really!¬† When you send the photos in be sure your email program doesn’t shrink them for portability. We’ll let you know if they are too small.
  2. Please email your photographs to: mwcrcalpics@yahoo.com
  3. Please, PLEASE include a bit of info about your collie. Age, year rescued or adopted, cute personality trait, etc….oh yes, and NAME, too ūüôā
  4. Please get your photos in by September 6, 2015. That should give us ample time to design, review, and order calendars for arrival in time for the annual dinner.