Rainbow Bridge: Dakota

DakotaMy heart is breaking. I just had to put down my best friend and the most sweetest, gentlest dog ever. Thank you so much Karen Good for saving him from abuse, Laure Victor and MWCR for allowing me to adopt him. He was a great ambassador for the rescue and loved everybody and every dog he met while we were involved. Thank you to Ryan-Molly Speltz for being his vet for so many years and allowing me to call him at home when he had a problem. Dakota taught me so many things about life and making the best of things. He knew my moods. Even in pain he would follow me up and down stairs. He came from an abusive past and I hope I gave him the life he so deserved. He outlived the neurologist at the U of M’s life expectancy by almost 3 years with his epilepsy and grand mal seizures due to the abuse he suffered. He is and was the type of dog you may be lucky to have once in a lifetime. No dog will ever take his place, I loved him so. He would have rescued Timmy from the well , if given the chance[?]. Rest in peace sweet Dakota . . .

Lori Stolle

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