Boating with Jake



Hello, I just thought I would send some updated photos of Jakey. As far as we know this was his first time boating and all he needed was a little nudge for him to jump aboard! We assumed that since he has such a strong love for the outdoors and being like velcro around us (except when he sees squirrels or turkeys), he just might love this. He did and he was a natural!




Whenever the lake would get rocky he would lie down and ride it out. Otherwise he was just fascinated by the water. He didn’t mind the ducks (which is amazing), but oh those speed boats! Well, he made sure to bark enough to let them know to slow down and quit rockin’ the boat 🙂

Toby at home

We are so thankful he loves it! We just wish poor Mr. Toby could go with us but he is not the sea faring type 😦  . . .  so when we set out we make sure he has special toys and a yummy bone. Anchors aweigh fellow collie lovers and we hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

                                   – Sincerely, JA, Rich, Toby, and Cpt Jake of Delavan Lake 🙂

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