Adoption update: Joy

It’s been too long since I gave an update on Joy. Since her birthday is coming up in July, now seems like the right time.

Joy&friendJoy has adapted to life in Minneapolis very well. At first she was mystified by planes going overhead; now she ignores them completely. What she does not ignore are the numerous friends she has made in the neighborhood, both human and canine. She makes sure to greet every one, and is especially fond of children: Sarah, Maddie, Ava, Lauren, Connor, Jack, and the newest, Louis, who was born only a couple of weeks ago and who she has not really met yet. But she senses something special in the baby carriage and is very curious about him!

Joy also is very friendly with Mr. Wigglesworth, a cat who lives two doors away. Joy loves Mr. Wigglesworth, but I’m not sure the feeling is mutual. But whenever he is out in his cat playpen, she is sure to stop and greet him. She will then walk around the corner to the next block, but soon will turn around and retrace her steps, just to make certain that Mr. Wigglesworth is OK! She doesn’t do this for anyone else.Joy

Visiting the family cabin on Lake Superior is also a big treat, and there are many interesting scents to investigate in the woods. She’s not keen on bears and great horned owls, though. She heard an owl call on a CD one time and it took her many minutes to calm down!

Joy will be hosting our neighborhood dog party in August, and is expecting many of her friends to come visit and play. – Bill Jorgenson

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