June Photo Wall

Dice, thinking no one would notice if he snacked on some forgotten popcorn, got his head stuck inside the bag! (Laura Michlig)

Dice, thinking no one would notice if he snacked on some forgotten popcorn, got his head stuck inside the bag! (Laura Michlig)


MWCR alums MacDuff (pictured here), and Laddie are moving to Arizona!

MWCR alums MacDuff (pictured here), and Laddie are moving to Arizona! (Lee Gronych)

Happy 1st Birthday to our Sweet Laddie Boy💗 He brightens our lives everyday 😊💕

Happy 1st Birthday to our Sweet Laddie Boy💗 He brightens our lives everyday 💕 (Lisa Lind)


MWCR alums Laddie (pictured here), and MacDuff are inseparable, and have already visited Arizona where they enjoy their yard and pool, says their person, Lee Gronych.

MWCR alums Laddie (pictured here), and MacDuff are inseparable, and have already visited Arizona where they enjoy their yard and pool. (Lee Gronych)


Our fearless leader, Terry Libro, working the iPad at May's Canine Carnival in Forest Lake, Minn.

Our fearless leader, Terry Libro, working the iPad at May’s Canine Carnival in Forest Lake, Minn.


Marian Ridge with recently adopted Keeper (left) and Maui Olund, at the Canine Carnival.

Marian Ridge with recently adopted Keeper (left) and Maui Olund, at the Canine Carnival.

June Adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR Vice President & Adoption Coordinator


Dante, an 8-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Dante is a previous MWCR collie who was sadly surrendered back to us when his owner had some unexpected and difficult changes in her life. But fortunately for Dante he won the hearts of his foster family and will not have to look any further for his forever home. According to his new mom he is an awesome dog with a great personality and sense of humor. She says she feels lucky to have found him and I’m sure he feels the same way :-).




Banjo (fka Ashby), a 6-month-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Some of you may have met Banjo at the Minnesota Frolic and I don’t think any of us are surprised that this sweet boy wormed his way into the hearts of his foster family in record time. His new mom says she’s never seen a pup waltz into a house and make himself so at home so quickly, and even his new big sister collie thinks he’s pretty awesome.

Lassie D

Lassie D

Lassie D, a 6-month-old sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. In the proud tradition of the original Lassie, Lassie D is a boy despite the confusing name. He originally came into rescue when he ran a’fowl’ of the neighbor’s chickens and needed to find a new place to live. He’s a true people dog who loves his humans, especially the little ones, and fortunately his new home comes equipped with one for his enjoyment 🙂




Dundee, a 7-year-old sable headed white male, has been adopted and will be living in Michigan. This sweet boy is very shy and has had some medical issues to overcome, but his new mom and dad have the patience, love and experience to make sure everything will be better from here on out. I know we all wish him a happy new life!




So excited about this one!  Emily, a 10-year-old tricolor, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Emily originally came to MWCR from the Dodge County Humane Society where she was brought in as a stray. When Emily was found she was miserable, itchy and extremely skinny with a bad flea infestation and horrible skin infection. We want to send a huge ‘thank you!’ to the many people who have helped Emily along the way and an extra big shout out to her foster mom, Elaine, who took such excellent care of her. Emily’s skin condition is now under control, her coat is lovely, she is putting on weight and, although she will probably need medication for the rest of her life, her new mom is dedicated to making sure she will always be comfortable and loved. We’re all proud of you sweet girl!



Baxter, a 6-year-old tri-headed white male, has been adopted and will be living in Indiana. Baxter is a large and loving boy, well maybe a bit too large 😦 He weighs in at 105 lbs and some of that definitely needs to go before he’s ready for a swimsuit cover shoot, so we see lots of walkies in his future. His new dad has been looking for a ‘velcro’ collie to be his pal and Baxter certainly qualifies. From the minute they met he didn’t leave his side – it was love at first sight for both of them 🙂

Skip (left)

Skip (left)

Skip, a 1.5-year-old sable/white male has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Skip was surrendered because his owner’s health kept them from being able to handle a young, energetic dog. Fortunately for him we had an adopter looking for an active buddy for their young collie. When these two boys met they were instant BFFs and now they both have a playmate to enjoy 🙂




Simon, a 5-year-old sable-headed white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Simon was originally brought to a local humane society as a stray and then came to MWCR. This sweet, gentle boy is being treated for Lyme’s and is doing well, although he may continue to have some pain in his front leg. Simon loves to snuggle and enjoys the company of other animals, which is wonderful since he is joining a family with other collies and a kitty. We don’t know anything about Simon’s earlier experiences but I know he’ll be enjoying life from here on out 🙂


Rainbow Bridge: Dakota

DakotaMy heart is breaking. I just had to put down my best friend and the most sweetest, gentlest dog ever. Thank you so much Karen Good for saving him from abuse, Laure Victor and MWCR for allowing me to adopt him. He was a great ambassador for the rescue and loved everybody and every dog he met while we were involved. Thank you to Ryan-Molly Speltz for being his vet for so many years and allowing me to call him at home when he had a problem. Dakota taught me so many things about life and making the best of things. He knew my moods. Even in pain he would follow me up and down stairs. He came from an abusive past and I hope I gave him the life he so deserved. He outlived the neurologist at the U of M’s life expectancy by almost 3 years with his epilepsy and grand mal seizures due to the abuse he suffered. He is and was the type of dog you may be lucky to have once in a lifetime. No dog will ever take his place, I loved him so. He would have rescued Timmy from the well , if given the chance[?]. Rest in peace sweet Dakota . . .

Lori Stolle

Boating with Jake



Hello, I just thought I would send some updated photos of Jakey. As far as we know this was his first time boating and all he needed was a little nudge for him to jump aboard! We assumed that since he has such a strong love for the outdoors and being like velcro around us (except when he sees squirrels or turkeys), he just might love this. He did and he was a natural!




Whenever the lake would get rocky he would lie down and ride it out. Otherwise he was just fascinated by the water. He didn’t mind the ducks (which is amazing), but oh those speed boats! Well, he made sure to bark enough to let them know to slow down and quit rockin’ the boat 🙂

Toby at home

We are so thankful he loves it! We just wish poor Mr. Toby could go with us but he is not the sea faring type 😦  . . .  so when we set out we make sure he has special toys and a yummy bone. Anchors aweigh fellow collie lovers and we hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

                                   – Sincerely, JA, Rich, Toby, and Cpt Jake of Delavan Lake 🙂

Adoption update: Joy

It’s been too long since I gave an update on Joy. Since her birthday is coming up in July, now seems like the right time.

Joy&friendJoy has adapted to life in Minneapolis very well. At first she was mystified by planes going overhead; now she ignores them completely. What she does not ignore are the numerous friends she has made in the neighborhood, both human and canine. She makes sure to greet every one, and is especially fond of children: Sarah, Maddie, Ava, Lauren, Connor, Jack, and the newest, Louis, who was born only a couple of weeks ago and who she has not really met yet. But she senses something special in the baby carriage and is very curious about him!

Joy also is very friendly with Mr. Wigglesworth, a cat who lives two doors away. Joy loves Mr. Wigglesworth, but I’m not sure the feeling is mutual. But whenever he is out in his cat playpen, she is sure to stop and greet him. She will then walk around the corner to the next block, but soon will turn around and retrace her steps, just to make certain that Mr. Wigglesworth is OK! She doesn’t do this for anyone else.Joy

Visiting the family cabin on Lake Superior is also a big treat, and there are many interesting scents to investigate in the woods. She’s not keen on bears and great horned owls, though. She heard an owl call on a CD one time and it took her many minutes to calm down!

Joy will be hosting our neighborhood dog party in August, and is expecting many of her friends to come visit and play. – Bill Jorgenson

Rainbow Bridge: Jessie

By Treva Bjerke

Jessie2It is with extreme sadness and heartbreak I share with you that yesterday we helped Jesse cross the bridge.  He was days shy of his 12th birthday.

Jesse came to MWCR when he was about 18 months old.  I was the MWCR treasurer at the time, and at 10 p.m. on a Sunday evening, I got a call that there was a young collie at the Oakdale Emergency vet who was dropped off with GI Bleeding due to Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) on Friday with instructions if they couldn’t find him a home to euthanize.  The vet said he was a wonderful dog, and they were able to stabilize and was wondering if MWCR would be willing to take him in, otherwise they would euthanize at 6:30 a.m. Monday morning when they close.

The Board approved bringing him in.  So I went to Oakdale and got this lovely guy.  He was HUGE, and definitely not your normal collie.  He was big, and thin, and long, long legs.  He looked more like a borzoi than a collie.  He had a long history.  Jesse was also a barker, so his previous owners had him de-barked, then he had issues with IBD and they could no longer afford to keep him.  He had bled about three times, was on meds since he was a puppy and the special diet, was sent to the gastroenterologist, was on IVs many times, had received blood, etc.  When Jesse came out of the ICU, he looked at me with those big brown eyes and my heart melted. I fostered him, and failed, and adopted him shortly after bringing him in.  When he came to us he was on a special diet of venison/duck, and 38 pills a day (combination of GI drugs, antibiotics, and steroids).  Within six months, he was stable.  No more bleeding.  He was weaned off all medications and just being maintained by the strict diet.  He thrived. Jessie

He was my Velcro dog. He’s the only dog I could completely trust off lead – he never left my side. He was great with the kids and other dogs. He was smart, and goofy, and funny, and a joy. Jesse was not your standard collie. He was tall, big, he couldn’t close his mouth because his teeth were deformed, so he swallowed his food whole. He had cluster seizures and was put on medication for that. Everyone loved Jesse.

After we stabilized Jesse’s IBD, he only flared (bled) twice and needed to be put on short term meds.  Not bad for the last 11 years.  Three years ago, he had a bout of aspiration pneumonia.  He went to the ICU for three days and almost didn’t make it.  The vet felt that due to his de-barking procedure, he was more prone to aspiration. So he survived that too.  Last year, his pneumonia came back for the fourth time, and we put him on long term antibiotics.

Over the last year, Jesse became weaker and weaker.  A few months ago, often he couldn’t get up without one of us lifting up his be-hind.  But he remained happy.  We were in the routine of lifting his back end when he would go in and out.  If he fell, we’d pick him up.  If he couldn’t get up, he’d whine and we’d come and pick him up.  It sounds worse than it was, but it worked.  Lately the bad days were more than the good days.  So last week, I made the appointment.

I’ve been with every dog I’ve ever owned when this time comes.  And it’s never easy.  But with Jesse there was this bond.  I knew it was time, and I knew it was the right thing to do.  He never struggled, didn’t pull back his paw, just looked at me with those big brown eyes, closed them, and laid down his head.  I’ve never had a dog relax to the point of closing his eyes when they passed, but Jesse did.  I know he was ready.

Jessie1Last night I had a dream.  Jesse was in a field of sheep.  He was running and jumping, and he had a booming collie bark – the way a collie should bark … not the hoarse “huff, huff” that was typical Jesse.

Thank you MWCR for giving me the opportunity to be his mom and have him in my life.  I will miss my Jesse for the rest of my life.

Camp Paws in St. Paul

June 22-25   1-3 p.m.

Day Camp for kids grades K-4 to learn more about dogs and responsibility.

Each day of camp will focus on one type of care for dogs.  Children will get hands on experience working with dogs and practicing appropriate ways of handling them.  They will also meet real working professionals and gain an understanding of what they do. Each day will consist of group Time, Art Project, Speaker, Music, and Free Play with topic related materials.

This class is put on by Certified Veterinary Technician Aimee Mabie of Beyond the Dog (formerly At Home Pet Care).

“I have been working as a Preschool teacher for 3 years.  My passion is working with children and dogs and Camp Paws is a terrific way to merge the two!  Since I was 16 years old I have worked with dogs in one profession or another.  For the past 14 years I have been training all different kinds of dogs. I look forward to meeting your child and teaching them about the wonderful world of dogs!”

Camp will be held at Moreland Elementary School
217 W. Moreland Ave, W. St Paul 55118
Mon-Thu 1-3 p.m.
Cost $75

To register visit (must be a minimum of 3 days prior to class): www.tridistrictce.org
class #7502-S15

For questions contact Aimee at beyondthedogmn@gmail.com
or by phone/text 651-491-5515
*forward message on to others that may be interested!