Minnesota Collie Frolic

By Joan Tadisch

sDSC_6602The Collie Frolic yesterday in Blaine, Minn. was great fun with so many happy collies and their owners. I had a hard time keeping track of my new foster, Skip, from among the many look alikes. The weather was great and many collies had fun trying out the agility equipment.

The new facility is bright making it good for photo taking. I posted some photos at https://colliefrolic.shutterfly.com/pictures/252

I was happy to meet Flirt, a collie MWCR helped through a terrible case of mange. She was extremely homely when MWCR first started her on her road to recovery. She had lost most of her hair and had lots of sores and itchy spots from head to toe. She now has long flowing hair and is a little beauty – quite a miracle make-over for her. She is pictured in photos #42 and 43 (or sDSC_6650.jpg and sDSC_6651.jpg).

I have higher resolution copies of the photos on Shutterfly so if anyone wants any of their dog, let me know which one(s) and I’ll send you one of high resolution. – just1morecollie@gmail.com

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