May Adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR V.P. and Adoption Coordinator


Sweet Annabelle, an 8-year-old mahogany sable, has been adopted and will be living in Iowa. This lovely girl was reluctantly surrendered when her owner had to move for her health and couldn’t take her much-loved pet. Fortunately for everyone Annabelle’s foster home knew she was the perfect fit for them and she will be staying with them forever ūüôā




I am so happy to announce that Arkansas Ollie, an 8-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be turning his foster family into his forever home. Ollie originally came into rescue as the victim of extreme abuse due to neglect. This poor boy had bad hips, terrible teeth, was very overweight and heartworm positive. Now all his issues have been sorted out, his beautiful coat has grown back and he is living the good life with his new mom, dad and assorted furry siblings. Congratulations sweet boy!




Deuce, a 6-year-old mahogany sable male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Often people think that the only animals who need rescue have been lost, abused or neglected but the truth is that sometimes even beloved family pets need a helping paw. Handsome Deuce found himself in just such a situation. Although Deuce came into MWCR under sad circumstances he was originally purchased by his family at eight weeks of age and had a great life enjoying walks, car rides, kids, kitties, other dogs and comfy couches. Unfortunately for everyone involved, he was surrendered due to a divorce that resulted in his owners having to relocate to housing that did not allow dogs. This big sweetheart has been loved every step of the way (his foster mom had a pretty hard time letting him go, too), and now he has a new forever home. Deuce wants everyone to know that he is especially happy that his new home has kitties because he thinks they’re the greatest!




Handsome Fletcher, a 5-year-old sable/white male has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. Fletcher was sadly surrendered when his family lost their home. This big boy is now settling in to his new home with an MWCR collie sister and a kitty sibling as well as mom, dad and two siblings of the less furry variety ;-).






Griffin, a 1.5-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Through no fault of his own Griffin found himself looking for a forever home and MWCR was happy to help him out. Griffin now has his very own family with previous collie experience and a big brother dachshund to pal around with. Enjoy your new life, handsome boy!




Pretty Ellie, a 2-year-old honey sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Ellie was found as a stray and originally brought to a veterinary clinic. After a few weeks there she was transferred to a local shelter and although they tried to help her as much as possible, she was not doing well in a shelter environment. When this shy, quiet girl got to her MWCR foster home she was quite weak and thin but it didn’t take her long to realize it was a pretty nice place and she began to gain energy, weight and confidence. Now Ellie has found her forever home which she will share with a handsome, relaxed collie brother who seems happy to show her how wonderful it can be to have her own family to love.




Ruby, a 2.5-year-old sable/white smoothie female, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Ruby has been shuffled around quite a bit in her short life and some of the homes she found herself in were not very loving, resulting in her being timid and fearful of new situations. But those days are over and her new mom and dad are dedicated to helping Ruby overcome her fears and live a relaxed and happy life. She will be sharing her new home with two big brother collies and some kitties who I know will help her realize how good life can be. Congratulations sweet girl!

Spotlighting our collies

By Terry Libro, MWCR President
mwcr logoThe Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue has been spotlighting our gorgeous collies at a variety of events this spring.¬† Nothing¬†puts a smile¬†on people’s faces¬†like the sight¬† of a happy collie or the nudge of a collie who wants attention.

MWCR hosted a Collie Frolic in Milwaukee, a Collie Frolic in the Twin Cities, and will be hosting another Collie Frolic on October 4 in Madison.  We participated in the No Kill Walk for Animals held at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds where Barb Gibson, along with Laddie and Emily, led the pack by raising $100 in pledges for MWCR.  We had a booth at the expanded Canine Carnival held at the Wildlife Science Center outside Forest Lake, Minnesota  where our dogs got up close and personal with the wolves, bears, and other wildlife.

In June, MWCR will have booths at the two most heavily attended events of the season Р the Pet Expo held at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Saturday, June 13, and the CBS Radio Pet-A-Palooza on Saturday, June 27, at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in Saint Paul.  Over 10,000 attendees are expected at both of these events, so we will have great visibility for MWCR and our collies.  We need more volunteers to help at both of these events, so let Cat ( know if you can help for a few hours.  This is the perfect way to show off your beautiful collie and talk with potential adopters.  We truly appreciate the time our volunteers give to helping our rescue be more visible to both adopters and those who may, unfortunately, need to surrender a dog.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered at MWCR events and to those who have stopped at our booths.  Hope to see you in June at one of the events!

Rainbow Bridge: Allie Mae

By Linda Riegger

AllieMaeRaindrops plopped heavily into driveway puddles and birds twittered behind the wet leaves of backyard trees as¬†Allie Mae’s spirit meandered from her worn out collie body this afternoon, making its way from the patio she lay on into overcast skies,¬†wafting toward the something-ness we all hope is there.

With the assistance of a veterinarian, my 13-year-old permanent MWCR foster, that sweet, stubborn, happy girl who has been part of my life for 3 1/2 years, was given relief from ailments she could no longer fight. Raised as an¬†outdoor dog on a farm in southern Minnesota, Allie Mae came into rescue at almost 10 years of age due to family¬†relocation. I will long cherish memories of “Mamsy”, the nickname I gave her because of her excessive chattiness on our¬†dog park outings. She reminded me of a “Ma’am”, a busybody matron letting everybody know she was a force to be¬†reckoned with.¬† Allie Mae had a weak rear end from the time she came to live with me. But she displayed an outstanding herding capability
that burst forth frequently at the dog park, with nips to my posterior and to the butts of unsuspecting canine partiers being evidence¬†of her zealousness. Bunny hopping her way across the park, this little lass didn’t let a lack of mobility deter her from trying to round up any and all stragglers.¬†Her exuberance caused several lovely bruises during her reign, the imprints of her little crooked chompers testament to the lack of dental care she’d received over the years.

Allie Mae overcame a phobia about slick floors after much “laying out the carpet” maneuvers at the vet’s
office. It would take two small carpets, one laid in front of the other crossing the entire lobby and hallway, to get Allie Mae to¬†move her feet forward enough to eventually enter her assigned exam room. If, however, this princess decided she wasn’t going¬†to move from her chosen location, she knew how to plant her legs in a stance that a mule would envy.

Allie Mae never wanted to miss out on anything and she was determined to go on walks with her doggie housemates, even when that¬†hind end didn’t have the strength to keep up. So we went on “little old lady” walks, she, Willie, Holly and I. Half a block down, half a¬†block back. Then she would be content to lie in the back yard and wait until we returned from our trek. She was a busybody, always nosy about those she encountered on our strolls. If somebody should, perchance, be walking behind us, or across the street, Allie Mae made sure to keep a close¬†eye on them, making sure they were aware of her presence. Bark-bark. Yes, Mamsy, they can¬†walk down the same sidewalks you are walking on.

Almost psychic was Allie Mae’s ability to locate a pill hidden inside chicken, braunschweiger or cheese. Spitting out the offending tablet after maneuvering¬†her tongue inside the wad of smashed meat was a talent displayed frequently.

I never heard Allie Mae complain. Though her joints no doubt ached throughout most of her stay with me, she never grumbled. Hoisting her into a vehicle became exceedingly more difficult for both of us, but she always tried to help by raising her paw onto the floorboard, knowing I’d boost her bottom up and in as best I could. Over the past month as her health continued to decline, Allie Mae’s spirit was always strong, she was always interested in life, always determined to be included in family doings.

Last evening, she rested in the driveway and I sat next to her, rubbing her ears. I could tell that finally, this brave little girl had had enough of trying to be strong, and I told her that it was okay to rest now, that she could let go. She definitely wanted to stay outside for the night, so I made her comfortable on the patio, blocking her in so she couldn’t wander, making sure she was sheltered from the rain. She laid there til it was time for her to leave the world as we know it, and passed gently as the raindrops surrounded her and the birds sang their farewells.

Collie Frolic Thank You

mwcr logoThank you to everyone who attended the Collie Frolic on Sunday.  Approximately seventy people with their gorgeous dogs attended the event.  Several people spent many hours driving to the Twin Cities, including MWCR Vice President Sarah Rebernick who drove from Milwaukee with one foster dog and returned with a different foster dog; Monty and Veronica Witt drove with Yogi and Joan Tadisch from the Green Bay area with six collies in the van!  The weather cooperated with showers before and after the event, and sun periodically during the event.

The MWCR Collie Frolics are a time for collies to play and people to visit.  The dogs loved running between the indoor and outdoor play areas.  Linda Riegger, with the assistance of Doug Jurcich, organized several games to show off the talents of our four-legged friends and their families.  Several foster dogs came to play with the MWCR alumni collies and all did well.  At least one collie met his forever Mom at the Frolic.

Children often attend the Collie Frolic, and this year we welcomed our youngest attendee ever Рadorable 3-week-old Allie Sager.  MWCR members Christina and Russell Sager are the proud parents and MWCR members Donna and Dennis Sager are the proud grandparents.  Allie will grow up surrounded by many sweet Collies.

Thank you to everyone who made donations to MWCR, participated in the prize drawings, and purchased the new MWCR shirts and caps designed and made by Yogi and Joan who donate the proceeds from the sales to MWCR.  Thank you for visiting with Alan Michael (Reiki for pets), Kathy Grimes (animal communicator), and Kitty and Arnie Hilk (Gray Gables Farm doggie treats, jam, and bath products) who also donate their proceeds to MWCR.

Hats off to our Events Committee (Barb Gibson, Cat Olund, Catherine Loveridge, Judith Roggow, Kitty and Arnie Hilk, Linda Riegger, Mary Ann Statz, and Robin Kashuba) for planning a great event and to numerous volunteers, such as Marian Ridge, Doug Jurcich, Dave Gibson, Rachel McAninch, KJ Norman, and Ryan and Jordan Lind for helping at the event.

The next MWCR Collie Frolic will be held on Sunday, October 4, in Madison, Wis. Watch for more details on this fun event.¬† Hope to see you there! –¬†Terry Libro, MWCR President and Events Committee Chair.

Minnesota Collie Frolic

By Joan Tadisch

sDSC_6602The Collie Frolic yesterday in Blaine, Minn. was great fun with so many happy collies and their owners. I had a hard time keeping track of my new foster, Skip, from among the many look alikes. The weather was great and many collies had fun trying out the agility equipment.

The new facility is bright making it good for photo taking. I posted some photos at

I was happy to meet Flirt, a collie MWCR helped through a terrible case of mange. She was extremely homely when MWCR first started her on her road to recovery. She had lost most of her hair and had lots of sores and itchy spots from head to toe. She now has long flowing hair and is a little beauty – quite a miracle make-over for her. She is pictured in photos #42 and 43 (or sDSC_6650.jpg and sDSC_6651.jpg).

I have higher resolution copies of the photos on Shutterfly so if anyone wants any of their dog, let me know which one(s) and I’ll send you one of high resolution. –¬†

Volunteers always needed

mwcr logoMWCR always needs volunteers who have time and energy to devote to our various activities. We are particularly in need of event volunteers for our summer schedule in Minnesota. You can see our schedule of upcoming events here. If you have time on any of those Saturdays, please contact Cat Olund (


Volunteers need not live in Minnesota or Wisconsin, of course. Here is a list of some of the activities for which we could use helping hands:

  • Fostering a collie – MWCR always needs loving foster homes for our collies
  • Transporting dogs – usually the distance involved is a 70-mile or shorter leg
  • Helping at MWCR events or fundraisers, such as one of the Collie Frolics, the annual dinner, or pet expos
  • Joining MWCR’s planning and events committee
  • Helping with fundraising activities such as Give to the Max Day in November (GiveMN)
  • Doing home visits or making phone calls to references
  • Contributing to the newsletter, taking photos, helping market MWCR
  • Assisting with the website or providing other technical support
  • Offering other skills and services that would help MWCR fulfill its mission

Click here for other ways to help.

Request for good wishes

Along with the beautiful Miss Shea¬†this month, there is an ADORABLE little Blue Merle puppy.¬† That is my Stevie. Emoji¬†She will be 11 years old on July 27th.¬† Stevie had a routine¬† vet appointment today and everything was good.¬† I feel very lucky as my furkids are having lots of issues as of late. Emoji¬† Stevie is “uncomfortable” from having her anal glands expressed (and embarrassed for me mentioning this!Emoji), I hope this gets better quickly.
We are asking for prayers for little Toy Aussie Banjo who had to stay at the clinic.¬† He’s been ill and his kidney lab values are high.
And Persian kitty Stellan needs prayers for tomorrow.  He is having another tooth removed and he has not been well for some time.  Hoping this tooth removal will help him to be able to eat.
StevieHere is a picture from last summer of my watchdog Collie girls, Keelin and Stevie.¬† Keelin is now looking over Stevie from the Bridge.¬† We miss Keelin. –¬†Iva Rahlf

Update on foster girl Emily

Emily4I wanted to give an update on sweet senior foster Emily who originally came to MWCR about a month ago from the Dodge County Humane Society where she was brought in as a stray. Below is the original post from the beginning of April. When she was found she was sad, itchy and extremely skinny with a bad flea infestation and horrible skin infection. Although she still has a ways to go, you can tell from the pictures she is definitely looking and feeling much better. She has a recheck with the dermatologist this week and hopefully she keeps gaining weight and growing hair :-). – Sarah Rebernick, MWCR Vice President and Adoption Coordinator
April 10 – Quick update on foster girl Emily. She’s settling into her foster home nicely. I got to meet her personally this week and she is such a sweetheart! She is extremely thin at 45 lbs, when she should be around 70, and her entire body is covered in very itchy bumps and sores. The vet suggested she see a dermatologist so Wednesday she had an appointment to check her skin. They are concerned that it’s Pemphigus, which is an autoimmune disease, but for now they put her on a course of antibiotics for infection and a low dose of steroid/antihistamine to help with the itching. If we see improvement after a couple weeks with the antibiotic then it’s likely she just has a really bad bacterial infection and things look pretty good for her future. Regardless, she’s definitely more comfortable and happy.