Rainbow Bridge: McTavish

McTavish 2On March 27, our sweet boy, McTavish crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He left us, peacefully at home in his sleep. We are heartbroken. McTavish came into our lives, unexpectedly, after the loss of our sable boy, Foster. We knew we weren’t ready for another collie at that time, but I wanted to have everything in place when the time was right. As Sarah was leaving after our home visit, I made a comment on how I really would love a male blue merle, knowing that might take a while. Just a few days later, Sarah called and said “I know you aren’t ready but we have a blue merle coming in that I feel would be perfect for you. Do you just want to meet him?” We met and Sarah could not have been more right! McTavish, then known as Logan, was a beautiful, sweet, smart, lovable boy. We couldn’t wait to make him ours!

He fit into our family so perfectly and made our loss a little easier. Tragically, we lost him after a brave battle with immune mediated hemolytic anemia. He was only five years old. We had only had him for 15 months. We didn’t have nearly enough time with him … there was so much more we wanted to do with him, but we loved him a lifetime’s worth. Run free, sweet boy! We love you! Thank you to MWCR for helping McTavish find his way into our home and our hearts! – Mary Sciurba

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge: McTavish

  1. Our hearts are heavy with your loss as well. There is never enough time with our collies, all we can do is remember how wonderful every living moment was with our furbabies. They know how much they were loved, and that is all they want. Sorry for your loss; we all know how hard it is.

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