Rainbow Bridge: Abbie

AbbieToday we said goodbye to our Abbie.  She has come so far since her adoption from MWCR in 2008.  She came to us afraid of her shadow, leery of every little thing, but we saw in her the potential to become more.  She went through obedience training, Canine Good Citizen and passed Therapy Dog testing with flying colors.  Her greatest joy was “working” … making seniors smile and reminisce about their own dogs, making children giggle and snuggle, and helping wheelchair bound CP clients smile and reach out to pet her.  I always heard a “Here comes Lassie” when we walked into a nursing home or the CP center.  She was also the fearless defender of her own family, especially her “grandkids”. When they were sick or hurt, she was always there to sound the alarm.  Most of all she was a faithful companion and a good friend to all of us.  We will love and miss her always but know she is running free with our other collies, without pain  or hesitation and will be with us again someday.  Special thanks to MWCR for helping us through some rough spots following her adoption and her special foster mom, Pattie Schey.

“Dogs are our bridge … our connection to who we really are, and most tellingly, who we want to be.” Patricia B McConnell

– Kathy Kauth

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