Rainbow Bridge: Maxwell

MaxwellMy beautiful Maxwell has not been well for several months.  Yesterday we helped him make his journey to the Rainbow Bridge to meet with Halley, Isis, Kepler, Hubble, Mr. Newton, Buddy, Gimbal, Tesla and Tycho and Trouble.  His spirit was alive but his body had betrayed him.

He started having seizures about a year and a half ago that we had under control with a very low dose of potassium bromide.  ISU vet teaching hospital classified his seizures as idiopathic.  Whatever was causing the seizures started to take its toll on the rest of his nervous system (according to the neurologist).  His back end became progressively weaker.  He was losing his hearing and his sense of smell had decreased.  For a blind dog this is devastating.

Maxwell had been blind since birth.  However, you would never have known it.  He could run and woof with the rest of the herd in the backyard and never miss a step.  He got around the house like a champ.  Most people never knew he was blind based on his activities.  He loved to walk, and was always in perfect heel position.  Food was a great passion for my Maxwell so it was fortuitous that he liked walking.  He was also my morning cuddle dog.  When Randy got up in the mornings Maxwell took over.  On cold mornings when he stretched his 70 lb collieness out next to me it was shear heaven.

My beloved Maxwell, we will love you forever. You are greatly missed. – Ann and Randy & Huygens and Hadron

Collie Flower Party 2015

10996491_10206519981784841_171956880294259113_nYesterday’s Collie Flower Party was a huge success. Held at the Catholic Eldercare in northeast Minneapolis, this is the second year of this event. Collies and shelties with their humans spent time with residents and you can see how much this means to them in these pictures. A big thank you to Judy Roggow with Phoebe, for once again organizing this and to participants, Robin Kashuba with Skylar and Harley; Chuck Heubach with Whendy; Kitty and Arnie Hilk with Tristan and Jackson; Cat Olund with Lilo and Maui; Barb and Dave Gibson with Emily and Laddie; Terry Libro and a few members of the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue.