MWCR President’s Corner

mwcrCongratulations to Sarah Rebernick on her re-election as Vice President of the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue, congratulations to Beth Selburg on her election as Treasurer, and thank you to Douglas Christman for his many years of service to MWCR as our Treasurer.

Sarah is a highly visible member of MWCR who also serves as our Adoption Coordinator.  Sarah, who has been an MWCR member since 2010, lives in Milwaukee with her husband Randy and their collies.  In addition to her adoption work for MWCR, Sarah also fosters collies, transports dogs, does home visits, staffs events, plans events, and is our Facebook guru.

Beth, who lives in Waukesha, Wis. with her husband George and their two collies, has been an MWCR member since 2006.  Beth fosters for MWCR, transports dogs, and staffs events.  She has managed our microchips and MWCR tags since 2007.  For the last thirty-one years, Beth has worked in the accounting department of TRC Global Solutions, Inc., an international relocation firm.  Beth brings solid skills and experience to her new role as our Treasurer.

I want to thank Douglas Christman for his many years of service to MWCR as our Treasurer.  Douglas and his wife have retired to their new home in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina.  Over the last five years, Douglas has also transported dogs for MWCR and helped in any way he could.  Douglas will finish the books for 2014 and will work with Beth during the transition.

Congratulations to Sarah and Beth and thank you for your willingness to serve MWCR and our collies.  Thank you to Douglas for being our Treasurer for the last five years and keeping MWCR financially healthy.  Wishing you the best in your new adventures in North Carolina. – Terry Libro

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