Rainbow Bridge: JarJar

JarJar1With a profoundly heavy heart I am writing to inform you of the loss of JarJar (sly).

He passed yesterday as we held him.
JarJar was a best friend, companion, and in every way a perfect dog. I  have many fond memories of our time together.
The day I first met him at his foster home, he cautiously approached me, sniffed me, and then sat down and licked me as if to say, “I choose you”. The time in obedience training where he learned quicker than the other dogs, got bored waiting for them to catch up, and making everyone laugh by sighing and rolling over on his back to watch upside down. The summer days playing in the yard and sleeping under his favorite tree. Helping me in the barn as I feed the horses, sometimes engaging in his only vice of sneaking off to try to get the most irresistible of all treats, the frozen horse turd. Sleeping with his buddy Cowboy as I work in the office. Not getting up to greet me because he didn’t want to disturb the cat sleeping on top of him.
Our walks in the park.JarJar3
He never completely got over his pre-rescue experiences. He did not trust strange dogs unless they were small. He did learn to trust and bond with his housemates Sadie and then Cowboy. He was a survivor. He lived almost five years after nearly dying from a GVD and complication from the surgery.
This first day without him is hard. Cowboy is pacing and looking in every corner looking for his buddy. To say I am devastated just trivializes how I feel. My life has been forever enriched by my time with JarJar, and my soul will forever feel his loss. – Tim Bush

Rainbow Bridge: Basie

BaisieSweet Baisie, a 13-year-old tricolor smoothie, went to the Rainbow Bridge Saturday. Basie has been in permanent foster care for the last three years due to his age and vision issues. We are so grateful for his foster home for loving and caring for him during his final years. Thank you for healing his broken heart.
Here is Baisie’s original adoption bio:
Hi! I’m Basie and I’m looking for love. Love is a funny thing: sometimes it makes you feel so good and sometimes it makes you feel sad. For a long time I only knew about the happy part of love. I lived with people who really, really loved me and boy did I ever love them. But then one day they stopped loving each other and my dad moved away. I missed him, but I still had my mom so I was happy. (Don’t tell dad, but mom had always been my favorite!) Then my mom got real sick. She tried to take care of me and I tried hard not to be any trouble, but one day she told me that even though she would always love me, I would have to go and live with someone else.
That was when I learned about the sad part of love. Even though I was being taken care of, my heart was broken and I missed my mom so much that I just wanted to die. I went to live at a place called a “foster home” and someone called my “foster mom” told me that she understood just what I was feeling. She said that my mom wanted me to be happy and to find new people to love. At first I didn’t know what she was talking about, but she was so nice to me that I began to feel like maybe I could love someone new.
My foster home has lots of other dogs and even some cats. That was new to me, and though the cats are a little bit boring, the other dogs are fun to watch. They run around and bark and play with each other. I’m too dignified to join in, but sometimes their play gets so exciting that I bark along to cheer them on. These other dogs like to play something called “fetch.” It’s where foster mom throws a ball and they all go running off after it like a bunch of maniacs. Being smarter than the rest of the pack, as soon as they run off after the ball, I run to foster mom and get all kinds of petting and attention. After awhile, one of them brings the ball back and they all crowd around foster mom and elbow me out of the way. Then she throws the ball and the whole process starts all over again. You would think that eventually these other dogs would catch on but they never do, and in the mean time I’m getting all the cuddles. I love fetch! Foster mom says that I’m the best dog ever!