Rainbow Bridge: Scout

ScoutIt is with deep sorrow that I must pass on the news that our beloved Scout has passed away.  He had been fighting lymphonic cancer since June, and even though his nodes shrunk back to normal size and his blood tests continued to look good, the cancer spread to his central nervous system and he slowly lost control over his body.  The cancer fooled everyone, shortly before his death even the doctors at UW-Madison said that his cancer was in remission and it must have been something else that was causing his control issues.  An autopsy had to be performed to find out what finally happened.
When the time came, we took him to the vet clinic where he had been getting his chemo treatments.  He had quite a fan base there, having won over many hearts while in treatment.  Several of the staff came in to see him and say goodbye.  He was very spoiled when there, never having to stay in a kennel and allowed to wander around the back area on the days when he had his treatments.  Always a gentleman.  A couple of the staff that came to say goodbye said that they have so many animals come through the clinic but every so often there is that one special pet that wins over the hearts of the staff and becomes one of “their own”, and Scout was that pet.  He went onto his next journey knowing he was greatly loved.
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Thank you to everyone at MWCR and to Joan Tadisch for letting him into our lives.  Even though it wasn’t for as long as we would have liked, we wouldn’t change a thing.  Coco is doing fine, she and Padders were there and got to say goodbye along with the rest of us.  I think they also knew he was going on to a better place. – John and Allison

Foxy Roxy – the Singing Collie

Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy

Foxy Roxy, that’s my stage name. I made it up. My real name is Emily Ester Rose Gibson, nickname is Little Em. I am not so little anymore though, but that’s still my nickname. I got the fox from a couple of things. One little boy yelled “here comes a fox!” when I was just walking by, and then I can jump like a fox, all four feet up at once and landing square, quite a trick, if I do say so myself. Then I am foxy, a cute foxy little girl according to Laddie Luke.

I have been singing for my mom for quite a while now. I started because I was happy. A la, la, la, la, la, la, I love you can you see? It’s you, and you, and me, I am as happy as can be, a zee, zee, zee, zee. I was thinking that since I am not getting any younger I should model myself after Lassie, only become a famous singer instead of an actor. As such, I needed a stage name so Foxy Roxy it is! I am thinking that I will sing French love songs. I did learn a little French when I first started school so that should help, it’s all about amour, n’est pas?

Even it doesn’t happen, I can dream. I can dream of my name and picture up in lights while I am singing to my mom, and making her happy too. – Submitted by Barb Gibson