MWCR Fall Events

Emily & Laddie Gibson

Emily & Laddie Gibson at the Harvest Howl

By Terry Libro, MWCR President 

The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue participates in numerous pet-related events throughout the year to showcase our collies, raise funds for MWCR, and raise awareness of our organization as a place from which to adopt collies as well as a resource for surrendering collies when the need arises.  MWCR concluded its 2014 event season by participating in the Harvest Howl in October and the Pause 4 Paws fundraiser in November.

The Harvest Howl is an annual event held at the Wildlife Science Center outside of Forest Lake, Minn.  The Wildlife Science Center is a nationally known wolf center that also features other wildlife.  And, yes, the wolves do howl while we are there.  MWCR always sets up its booth in front of one of the wolf enclosures so that our dogs can view the wolves and the wolves can watch us.  Thank you to Chris Norman, Cat Olund, and Barb and Dave Gibson for staffing our booth and sharing their collies with everyone.

MWCR table at Pause 4 Paws

MWCR table at Pause 4 Paws

The annual Pause 4 Paws fundraiser was held at the Minneapolis Hilton this year and included gourmet food along with wine and beer tasting.  The fundraiser raises funds for eighteen rescues and humane societies in Minnesota.  This year’s event was quite elegant and featured live and silent auction items such as a new Rolex watch that sold for several thousand dollars, a private gourmet dinner, and a “Bentley experience.”  MWCR is fortunate to be one of the recipients of this fundraiser.

Thank you to MWCR’s volunteers who staffed the booth at the events throughout the year and who shared their great ambassador dogs with all who stopped at our booth.  And, thank you to everyone who stopped at our booth, visited with us and our dogs, and supported MWCR.

See more pictures here.

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