Spotlight on fostering: Ken and Allison

Ken and Allison Winter

Ellie, Jack & Buddy

Ellie, Jack & Buddy

  • Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Number of years fostering: 5
  • Number of fosters: 3
  • Number of “Foster Fails”: One!
  • Resident pets: Our Foster Fail, Ellie.
  • How do the resident animals feel about the fosters? When we fostered, we had three other collies – they since have passed. They were very welcoming and helpful with our “visitors”  I feel that this is the most important part.
  • Most rewarding part? Seeing how excited that the adopting family is about their new pet.
  • Least favorite part?  Becoming attached and having to say goodbye.
  • Favorite foster experience? All of our foster dogs have been great. We never had to do anything different in our house. I feel that the fosters felt like this was a safe place where they could blossom.  Of course our dogs had a lot to do with this.  They were very confident in the fact that this was their house, and we never had any conflicts at all.
  • Smelliest foster experience?  Not with a foster, but with transfers. We took two girls from Cedar Rapids to Dubuque. They had been in a hording situation and were really stinky and a mess.
  • Helpful hints for others considering fostering? Make sure that your pets are comfortable with having new ones come in.  I always think it is best to have other dogs come visit prior to having a foster so that they can be comfortable too.  Keep your normal routine with your own pets such as feeding, etc.  We always made sure that we fed our dogs first and in a different place so there weren’t any food issues.  We also made sure that we greeted our dogs first when we came home.  Our foster dogs always respected them.
  • Anything else you’d like to share? I hope we can foster again soon.  Just love to see the new families get so excited to get their dog.  We always send a little gift along – last time it was a tag to wear on their collar.  I probably would keep all of them if I could!

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