Rainbow bridge: Mac

Mac and Jake on the way to the dog park

Mac and Jake on the way to the dog park

Yesterday we unexpectedly said goodbye to our beloved Mac.  He began to show disinterest in eating Wednesday and by Thursday would eat only especially tasty treats.  I also noticed an occasional hacking cough and oddly he sometimes favored one of his hind legs.  I took him to the vet Friday who determined he had a temp of 103.7.  I was told a normal temp is 99 to 102.5.  He examined him and prescribed an oral antibiotic.  If he wasn’t better by Monday we would then pursue x-rays, blood work etc.  His blood work had just been done in August.  Unfortunately overnight I thought he seemed more uncomfortable and took him in to the emergency clinic at about 3:30 a.m.  They found his temp had spiked to 104.8.  He was put on IV fluids and x-rays and blood work were done.  The lab tests showed he was positive for pancreatitis.  The main concern however was that the x-rays showed lung inflammation with an unknown cause.  They recommended he be put on oxygen as his oxygenation rate was at only 85%.  We were given what his treatment options would be once a diagnosis was made as to the source of the infection.  The methods used for diagnosis seemed pretty invasive and treatment would be long term with the likelihood that he would get worse a few days in to treatment before he might get better.  There was the possibility he would not recover or that depending on the cause the lung issue could recur.  We couldn’t put Mac through that especially knowing he would need hospitalization for at least three and maybe up to 10 days.  He’d been especially close to me and we knew he would be stressed further by being away from us for a substantial period of time.  We made the decision to relieve him of his discomfort and any further misery.  Mike and I visited with him in a conference area at the clinic and then stayed with him while he left us.  I’ll especially miss our morning ritual of  him standing up and putting his front paws on our bed to exchange rubs and hugs with me as I woke up.  Mac was only 6 years old.  We hoped we would have had more time to enjoy the company of such a special dog. – Kathy, Mike and Jake

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