Happy Holidays from MWCR

Finished-MWCR-2014-Holiday-Card-960-px-wide-72dpi-for-WebThe Board of  Directors of the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue would like to thank everyone for their support and dedication to MWCR.  MWCR would not exist and our collies would not find new loving homes without all of you working hard to make this a successful organization.  We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year!

November adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR Vice President & Adoption Coordinator

Mickey (right) with new sister Lady

Mickey (right) with new sister Lady

Mickey, a 3-year-old mahogany sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Mickey came into rescue after spending most of the first three years of his life outdoors in a kennel without a lot of attention, but that didn’t change the fact that he is a happy loving boy. Unfortunately his coat was in such bad shape that he had to be shaved but he’s already grown enough back to be ready for a Wisconsin winter. Mickey’s new home has a lovely yard for playtime with his MWCR collie sister and best of all, a warm cozy house to live in. Happy days ahead!




Loverboy Luke, a 1.5-year-old light sable/white, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. When this sweet boy came into rescue we didn’t know too much about his background but it soon became obvious that, even though he was a little nervous at first, he is a lover of both dogs and people. Luke’s new home has a big yard for play, his very own loving people that will be home with him most of the time and canine playmates in his new extended family. I’m looking forward to updates when he puts on a little weight and his beautiful golden blonde coat is glowing with health!


Misty Mae

Misty Mae

Four-year-old Misty Mae has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. Misty came into rescue with Snug and Walker when their owner passed away. They have already found their forever homes and now it’s Misty’s turn. Her new mom’s previous collie was a therapy dog with Therapy Dog International and an AKC Canine Good Citizen. She’s hoping Misty will enjoy helping her with her volunteer work and this sweet girl definitely has the right personality. Congratulations pretty girl!





Sweet Ruby, a 1-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Ruby was surrendered to MWCR because she was extremely shy and her family’s small resident dog was being mean to her. Continuing a proud tradition, Ruby will be the fourth collie her new mom and dad have adopted from MWCR.  I’m sure her new sibling, Laddie, will welcome her with open paws and she’ll blossom into the sparkling jewel she was named for.

MWCR Membership Renewals Are Due By December 31, 2014

mwcrMWCR membership renewal forms for 2015 will be mailed shortly to MWCR members with the holiday cards.  Renewals must be postmarked by December 31, 2014 in order for members to be eligible to vote in the 2015 elections.  Members also can renew online at www.mwcr.org.

People who aren’t members of MWCR now but who would like to join MWCR can complete a new member application form online at www.mwcr.org. The application form for new members can be found under the “Give” tab at the top of the home page.

Thank you for supporting the work that MWCR does and for helping our Collies find wonderful new homes.

Annual Dinner Meeting & Fundraiser

By Terry Libro, MWCR President
Marshall Tanick, Jennifer, Olivia and Scott Swanson

Marshall Tanick, Jennifer, Olivia and Scott Swanson

Thank you to everyone who attended MWCR’s Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser on November 1 at the Wayzata (Minn.) American Legion.  Nearly seventy people from three states attended the lasagna dinner, (a new record), along with a very successful silent auction that raised funds for our collies.

The guest speaker was attorney Marshall Tanick of the Hellmuth and Johnson law firm in Minneapolis.  Marshall is a nationally-recognized animal law expert who spoke on the dangerous dog laws across the country and answered many questions during the evening.  Marshall worked with MWCR earlier in the year when one of our foster dogs scared a small dog in the neighborhood which resulted in a complaint to Minneapolis Animal Control.  MWCR recognized Marshall, foster mom and daughter Jennifer Swanson and Olivia, and animal behaviorist Carol Propotnik for their work in clearing Jake’s “record” and restoring his good name.  Jake is now living with his two MWCR Collie siblings and is charming everyone in his new neighborhood.

MWCR Board members Sarah Rebernick, MyLinda Barke, and Chris Norman participated in the evening as did several Coordinators including Vivian Moller, Barb Heideman, and Marian Ridge.  Many people who aren’t collie owners also attended our event, including former State Senator and Lieutenant Governor candidate Gen Olson who represented the city in which our dinner was held and who lives next door to members Kitty and Arnie Hilk.  Also attending was sheltie lover Carol Brandenburg, a generous MWCR supporter and power shopper who donates many items for our silent auction.

The event featured a “free” table consisting of items for attendees.  Many of the items were toys, dog treats, and other items that were donated to MWCR from various sources.  We had a Collie Trivia contest with winners getting prizes.  Each place setting included a “doggie bag”  filled with dog food samples and popcorn samples donated by Angie’s Popcorn.  Plus, numerous door prizes were given away.  Our event wouldn’t be complete without the festive table filled with Gray Gables Farm dog treats and baskets of jam made by Kitty and Arnie Hilk.  Thank you to those who generously donated door prizes and items for the silent auction, purchased merchandise during the evening, and supported MWCR’s work in other ways.  It is because of your generosity that we’re able to provide the great care that we do to collies in need.Our Events/Fundraising Committee members, Barb Gibson, Cat Olund, Catherine Loveridge, Kitty and Arnie Hilk, Linda Riegger, Mary Ann Statz, and Robin Kashuba, spent many hours planning the evening, securing donations,  and working hard during the event setting up the venue, registering people, organizing the silent auction, and assisting with checkout.  Thank you for planning a wonderful evening!

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MWCR Fall Events

Emily & Laddie Gibson

Emily & Laddie Gibson at the Harvest Howl

By Terry Libro, MWCR President 

The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue participates in numerous pet-related events throughout the year to showcase our collies, raise funds for MWCR, and raise awareness of our organization as a place from which to adopt collies as well as a resource for surrendering collies when the need arises.  MWCR concluded its 2014 event season by participating in the Harvest Howl in October and the Pause 4 Paws fundraiser in November.

The Harvest Howl is an annual event held at the Wildlife Science Center outside of Forest Lake, Minn.  The Wildlife Science Center is a nationally known wolf center that also features other wildlife.  And, yes, the wolves do howl while we are there.  MWCR always sets up its booth in front of one of the wolf enclosures so that our dogs can view the wolves and the wolves can watch us.  Thank you to Chris Norman, Cat Olund, and Barb and Dave Gibson for staffing our booth and sharing their collies with everyone.

MWCR table at Pause 4 Paws

MWCR table at Pause 4 Paws

The annual Pause 4 Paws fundraiser was held at the Minneapolis Hilton this year and included gourmet food along with wine and beer tasting.  The fundraiser raises funds for eighteen rescues and humane societies in Minnesota.  This year’s event was quite elegant and featured live and silent auction items such as a new Rolex watch that sold for several thousand dollars, a private gourmet dinner, and a “Bentley experience.”  MWCR is fortunate to be one of the recipients of this fundraiser.

Thank you to MWCR’s volunteers who staffed the booth at the events throughout the year and who shared their great ambassador dogs with all who stopped at our booth.  And, thank you to everyone who stopped at our booth, visited with us and our dogs, and supported MWCR.

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Shop for your holiday gifts and help MWCR at the same time

tri_color_rough_collie_christmas_gifts_business_card-r4e448d38761c4a25860e0be25052e870_i579u_8byvr_512When you’re compiling your holiday shopping list, don’t forget to include the 2015 MWCR calendar and Collie Isle Winery wine on your list.  Both items can be ordered at www.mwcr.org.  The calendar features beautiful photos submitted by the proud adopters of our collies.  The Collie Isle Winery wine also features MWCR Collies on the labels, and the importer donates $6 to MWCR for every bottle of wine sold.  Both items make great gifts for friends, relatives, neighbors, and coworkers.


Another way to help our Collies is by shopping online using the www.iGive.com and the www.goodsearch.com websites.  Both websites donate a portion of your order to MWCR when you register and identify MWCR as your cause.  Both sites offer an array of major retailers, such as Target, Saks 5th Avenue, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Nike, Best Buy, etc., that will donate funds to nonprofits such as MWCR.  So, you can be shopping online and helping MWCR and our collies at the same time.  Check the “Give” tab at the top of MWCR’s home page for more information.

Spotlight on fostering: Ken and Allison

Ken and Allison Winter

Ellie, Jack & Buddy

Ellie, Jack & Buddy

  • Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Number of years fostering: 5
  • Number of fosters: 3
  • Number of “Foster Fails”: One!
  • Resident pets: Our Foster Fail, Ellie.
  • How do the resident animals feel about the fosters? When we fostered, we had three other collies – they since have passed. They were very welcoming and helpful with our “visitors”  I feel that this is the most important part.
  • Most rewarding part? Seeing how excited that the adopting family is about their new pet.
  • Least favorite part?  Becoming attached and having to say goodbye.
  • Favorite foster experience? All of our foster dogs have been great. We never had to do anything different in our house. I feel that the fosters felt like this was a safe place where they could blossom.  Of course our dogs had a lot to do with this.  They were very confident in the fact that this was their house, and we never had any conflicts at all.
  • Smelliest foster experience?  Not with a foster, but with transfers. We took two girls from Cedar Rapids to Dubuque. They had been in a hording situation and were really stinky and a mess.
  • Helpful hints for others considering fostering? Make sure that your pets are comfortable with having new ones come in.  I always think it is best to have other dogs come visit prior to having a foster so that they can be comfortable too.  Keep your normal routine with your own pets such as feeding, etc.  We always made sure that we fed our dogs first and in a different place so there weren’t any food issues.  We also made sure that we greeted our dogs first when we came home.  Our foster dogs always respected them.
  • Anything else you’d like to share? I hope we can foster again soon.  Just love to see the new families get so excited to get their dog.  We always send a little gift along – last time it was a tag to wear on their collar.  I probably would keep all of them if I could!

Rainbow bridge: Mac

Mac and Jake on the way to the dog park

Mac and Jake on the way to the dog park

Yesterday we unexpectedly said goodbye to our beloved Mac.  He began to show disinterest in eating Wednesday and by Thursday would eat only especially tasty treats.  I also noticed an occasional hacking cough and oddly he sometimes favored one of his hind legs.  I took him to the vet Friday who determined he had a temp of 103.7.  I was told a normal temp is 99 to 102.5.  He examined him and prescribed an oral antibiotic.  If he wasn’t better by Monday we would then pursue x-rays, blood work etc.  His blood work had just been done in August.  Unfortunately overnight I thought he seemed more uncomfortable and took him in to the emergency clinic at about 3:30 a.m.  They found his temp had spiked to 104.8.  He was put on IV fluids and x-rays and blood work were done.  The lab tests showed he was positive for pancreatitis.  The main concern however was that the x-rays showed lung inflammation with an unknown cause.  They recommended he be put on oxygen as his oxygenation rate was at only 85%.  We were given what his treatment options would be once a diagnosis was made as to the source of the infection.  The methods used for diagnosis seemed pretty invasive and treatment would be long term with the likelihood that he would get worse a few days in to treatment before he might get better.  There was the possibility he would not recover or that depending on the cause the lung issue could recur.  We couldn’t put Mac through that especially knowing he would need hospitalization for at least three and maybe up to 10 days.  He’d been especially close to me and we knew he would be stressed further by being away from us for a substantial period of time.  We made the decision to relieve him of his discomfort and any further misery.  Mike and I visited with him in a conference area at the clinic and then stayed with him while he left us.  I’ll especially miss our morning ritual of  him standing up and putting his front paws on our bed to exchange rubs and hugs with me as I woke up.  Mac was only 6 years old.  We hoped we would have had more time to enjoy the company of such a special dog. – Kathy, Mike and Jake

Animal Folks MN Seminar

Animal Folks MN Speaker Forum

DrFrankDr. Franklin McMillan, Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, will be speaking on The Harmful Effects of Puppy Mills on Breeding Dogs and Their Puppies. 

Presentation will include tips for working with puppy mill dogs. Register by this Friday, November 21.



When: Monday, November 24, 1-4:30 p.m.

Where: St. Paul College Club, 990 Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 55105

Fee: $25 per person

Registration: Register by this Friday, Nov. 21 here.