Rainbow Bridge: Cody


Please pass on to everyone at MWCR that Cody is no longer with us. Cody has been battling stage 4 lymphoma and it just got the best of him. We had to put him to sleep on Saturday. He just couldn’t  fight any more. Julie and I are just heartbroken and our other collie “Shelby” is lost without him. He was such a nice, intelligent and beautiful dog. It seems like such a waste. – Sincerely, Gator & Julie Washick & Shelby

MWCR calendar

The 2015 Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue calendars are here!

Each year Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue publishes a calendar which captures beautiful photographs of rescued collies in their forever homes. All proceeds go towards MWCR for the well-being of collies in our care.  Calendars can be previewed and purchased on the MWCR website (www.mwcr.org).  Be sure to watch the video!  Prices are $18 for one calendar, $17 each for two to four calendars, and $15 each for five or more calendars.  Prices include tax and shipping.

Calendars will be available for purchase or pick-up of advance orders at the MWCR Annual Dinner on Saturday, November 1.

Thank you to very talented MWCR member Eileen Mack for her beautiful work in creating these calendars and videos every year.  And, thank you to everyone who submitted a photo for the calendar and to everyone who supports MWCR with a purchase of our calendars. – Terry Libro, MWCR President

Collie Isle Winery order

wineAre you attending the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue’s Annual Dinner Meeting and Fundraiser on Saturday, November 1?  I will be placing a group order for our Collie Isle Winery Wine just in time for holiday gift giving. My collies give a bottle to their veterinarian, groomer, and pet sitter, as well as special neighbors, every year.

So, if you’d like to order wine, please let me know (tlibro@hotmail.com) no later than Friday, October 17.  Ordering as a group saves a substantial amount on the shipping costs.  When we order as a group, the cost per bottle is generally a little over $22 per bottle.

Collie Isle Winery wines are imported from Chile, are certified organic, and are vegan friendly.  Available wines are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  To read more about the wines, click on the Collie Isle Winery link at the left bottom of the MWCR’s home page at www.mwcr.org.

This is a great fundraiser for MWCR – the importer donates $6 for every bottle sold. So, this is a wonderful way to enjoy excellent wine and help our collies at the same time.

The wine will be available for pick up at the dinner on November 1 and can be paid for then.  Only wine ordered in advance will be available.  We can’t sell wine at the dinner.



Rainbow Bridge: Scooby



Scooby passed away Thursday, September 18th. He had a hemangiosarcoma, a very rapidly growing tumor with a high metastatic rate. I diagnosed the primary tumor when Scooby stopped eating well and took him to CSU the same day to try to pursue surgery. They did a transfusion and ultrasound but the tumor had already spread to his liver and was inoperable. I spoiled him that night and the tumor ruptured on the way home. He was not in pain (I requested a fentanyl patch), he had a tummy full of Arby’s roast beef and he passed quickly in my arms. I wanted to thank you for bringing him in to my life. I am very heartbroken over my sweet boy. He was the most wonderful dog and my best friend. He made friends everywhere he went and I was so proud to be his mom. I am bringing him home to Iowa and burying him under a crab apple tree overlooking the horse corral at my parents’ place (one of his favorite spots). He was so loved and I miss him so much. When I am ready, I plan to adopt another collie, Scooby taught me how wonderful collies are and I think he would want me to care for another. – Sincerely, Dr. Brianne Simonsen

Rainbow Bridge: Reginald II

Reggie1We just brought Charlie home a couple of weeks ago for company to our other MWCR dog, Reggie (Reginald II). Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Reggie this morning (Oct. 4), – he was suffering and, starting today, in pain. He was such a wonderful collie, and his only weakness was his incredibly intense fear of thunder. Thank you for the five amazing years we had him as our dog.- Jane O’Leary