Rainbow Bridge: Talley

Dear MWCR,



In 2007 I adopted a beautiful blue merle collie from you, Jewel. I renamed her Talley. She had been rescued from a barn and was extremely frightened and shy. For about two years I couldn’t even walk her anywhere outside the yard — she was that panicked. Over time I brought her to visit friends, and she actually made friends with other people. Eventually I could walk her and take her to the dog park for runs. She became happy and playful, often took up most of the bed sleeping with me. Over our time together, Talley continued to blossom and enjoy loving and being loved by a person. My friends were amazed at how Talley bloomed. She was the gentlest and politest of dogs.

Sadly, after a wild dog park run, a tumor that was hidden deep in her abdomen ruptured (we didn’t know it was even there), and Talley died. She wasn’t in pain and went quickly.

Talley1Thank you for everything you do for Collies. And thank you for entrusting Talley to my care. We loved each other deeply, and I miss her. – Sincerely, Mary McComb

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge: Talley

  1. Mary, she was a beautiful girl, what an amazing face! So sorry to read of your loss. I have a 13 year-old collie (also a rescue) who I have watched blossom in the 8 years we have enjoyed together so far. They are a special breed indeed.

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