Late Summer MWCR Events

Barb, Cat and Linda with their collies

Barb, Cat and Linda with Emily, Laddie, Maui, Willie and Holly

The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue participated in several Twin Cities’ area events in late summer.

Once again, we had a booth at the Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games and once again, rain fell.  The morning started off beautifully when Linda Riegger with Willie and Holly, Cat Olund with Maui, and Dave and Barb Gibson with Emily and Laddie arrived.  But as the day progressed, the sky became cloudier.  We were fortunate that Dave, who has much experience camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, spotted a wall cloud approaching and urged us to quickly pull everything under our canopy.  Just as we did, torrential rain fell.  But, despite the wet ending to the event, we had a great time and the attendees enjoyed visiting with our gorgeous collies.

Weather was much better a few weeks later at the Dog Days of Summer event at Alimagnet Dog Park in Burnsville.  Barb and Dave attended with Emily and  Laddie who charmed the crowd.  India, a gorgeous Blue Merle girl who attended this year’s Collie Frolic, stopped by to visit.  Attendees saw various demonstrations during the day and the dogs had fun playing at the dog park.

We had another successful day at the Dog Day Westonka held on the shore of Lake Minnetonka.  Kitty and Arnie Hilk, who live nearby, arrived early with Jackson and Tristan to set up our booth.  We were soon joined by Robin Kashuba with Shelby and Harley and Brenda Pulkrabek with Eddie and Eleanor.  Later in the day, puppy Rodgers made his debut as an MWCR ambassador and stopped crowds with his cuteness.  Mary Ann Statz with Cindy arrived in the afternoon and helped take down our booth.  Numerous collies and supporters visited our booth including Gayle Koska and her two sable collies.  Again, another very enjoyable and successful event.

See pictures from all three events here.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers at these events and to those who stop by to visit. – Terry Libro, MWCR President and Fundraising & Events Chair

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