Late Summer MWCR Events

Barb, Cat and Linda with their collies

Barb, Cat and Linda with Emily, Laddie, Maui, Willie and Holly

The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue participated in several Twin Cities’ area events in late summer.

Once again, we had a booth at the Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games and once again, rain fell.  The morning started off beautifully when Linda Riegger with Willie and Holly, Cat Olund with Maui, and Dave and Barb Gibson with Emily and Laddie arrived.  But as the day progressed, the sky became cloudier.  We were fortunate that Dave, who has much experience camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, spotted a wall cloud approaching and urged us to quickly pull everything under our canopy.  Just as we did, torrential rain fell.  But, despite the wet ending to the event, we had a great time and the attendees enjoyed visiting with our gorgeous collies.

Weather was much better a few weeks later at the Dog Days of Summer event at Alimagnet Dog Park in Burnsville.  Barb and Dave attended with Emily and  Laddie who charmed the crowd.  India, a gorgeous Blue Merle girl who attended this year’s Collie Frolic, stopped by to visit.  Attendees saw various demonstrations during the day and the dogs had fun playing at the dog park.

We had another successful day at the Dog Day Westonka held on the shore of Lake Minnetonka.  Kitty and Arnie Hilk, who live nearby, arrived early with Jackson and Tristan to set up our booth.  We were soon joined by Robin Kashuba with Shelby and Harley and Brenda Pulkrabek with Eddie and Eleanor.  Later in the day, puppy Rodgers made his debut as an MWCR ambassador and stopped crowds with his cuteness.  Mary Ann Statz with Cindy arrived in the afternoon and helped take down our booth.  Numerous collies and supporters visited our booth including Gayle Koska and her two sable collies.  Again, another very enjoyable and successful event.

See pictures from all three events here.

Thank you to everyone who volunteers at these events and to those who stop by to visit. – Terry Libro, MWCR President and Fundraising & Events Chair

August Adoptions

By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR Adoption Coordinator
Jake Rocky

Jake Rocky

Jake Rocky, a 2-year-old sable/white male, has been adopted and will be living in Minnesota. Jake R came into rescue because the resident chickens cried ‘fowl’ about the appropriate way to play. You see Jake likes to pick up objects and toss them, then chase after them and chickens don’t actually care for that – who knew? Now he will be living in a poultry-free zone with a collie brother to play with and a family who will give him all the pets and love he can handle (and word has it he likes pets a lot!)



Tigger (now Tolley), has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. Tolley is a sweet little 3-month-old sable/white pup who will be sharing her new family with two kitties, a hamster, two Betas and three chickens. Her new mom, dad and two human brothers are sure to have their hands full but those sweet puppy kisses make it all worthwhile.

Lord Fletcher

Lord Fletcher

And last but not least of the adoptions this weekend (Aug. 3), Scooter (now Lord Fletcher) is a 4-year-old sable/white male who will be living in Minnesota. He came to MWCR from local animal control because his previous family had trouble keeping him at home. Lord Fletcher proved himself to be a perfect house guest at his foster home and a fun playmate for the resident dogs. But it was love at first sight when he met his new mom and he joyfully headed off to start his new life. Congratulations my lord!




Well our handsome drifter Rogue, 2 -year-old tricolor mix, has found his forever home. He’s trading in his vagabond ways for a comfortable home in northern Wisconsin and a new dad who is sure to become his best buddy. Congratulations to both of them and a big thank you to everyone who helped give this sweet boy’s story a happy ending!







Lassie C, a 1.5-year-old sable/white, was surrendered to MWCR after her owner had health issues and was also caring for her husband after an accident. Lassie had never been outside her fenced yard and saw the outside world as a big scary place. With the love and assistance of her foster mom she’s become much more comfortable and her new mom will be continuing to work on her confidence. Congratulations!




Handsome Mr. Moose, a 1.5-year-old male tricolor collie/aussie mix, has been adopted and will be living in Iowa. Moose was surrendered to MWCR because his family did not have the time and attention to give a dog. He is a sweet and gentle boy who loves to play, maybe because he spent the majority of his previous life tied up outside to his doghouse. But that’s all behind him now and he has a new mom, dad and sister collie to play with and love

Pictures of August

Update on MWCR alum Lyle - who says collies don't like water?! "Lyle is doing very well. He is learning new things and becoming more comfortable every day. He has learned 2 new tricks! "Round & Round" and he says his prayers. He went swimming on Tuesday and took to it like a duck. I have him signed up to participate in the Collie Herding Day on August 9th. It's put on by the Collie Club of Minnesota. It will be fun to see what his natural instincts hold."

Update on MWCR alum Lyle – who says collies don’t like water?! “Lyle is doing very well. He is learning new things and becoming more comfortable every day. He has learned 2 new tricks! “Round & Round” and he says his prayers. He went swimming on Tuesday and took to it like a duck. I have him signed up to participate in the Collie Herding Day on August 9th. It’s put on by the Collie Club of Minnesota. It will be fun to see what his natural instincts hold.”

Jack (now at the rainbow bridge), enjoying the cabin life

Jack (now at the rainbow bridge), enjoying the cabin life










Spike and Ranger at Spike’s birthday party









The birthday boy

The birthday boy (right)

Spike celebrated his 6th birthday on Saturday! Even though he looks miserable wearing his birthday hat (while Ranger seems to love his), Spike insists that he had a fabulous time. Ranger cleaned his plate of the carrot birthday cake with applesauce frosting, and Spike was so tired from the festivities that he had to take a break. Such party animals!

Jinny, enjoying a root beer float spilled by her BFF, makes a great mop and vacuum for the Sillanpa's.

Jinny, enjoying a root beer float spilled by her BFF, makes a great mop and vacuum for the Sillanpa’s.

Madison Collie Frolic

Catching the breeze at the top of the hill

Catching the breeze at the top of the hill

The 2014 Madison Frolic was great fun! Over 30 collies in every coat and color joined their people to play, socialize and relax in Sandy, Scout and Charlie’s big beautiful backyard. Our president Terry Libro, as well as Kitty and Arnie Hilk, traveled down from Minnesota with donated dog food for our foster homes and Kitty’s famous Gray Gables Turkey Jerky and Cheddar Cheese dog biscuits for the four-legged attendees.

The human companions weren’t left out either – Joan and Yogi Tadisch printed collie t-shirts and had Joan’s Laddie Boy daylilies with the proceeds going to MWCR. Judging by most of those present the saying on the t-shirts was correct – ‘Collies are like potato chips, you can’t have just one’!

See more pictures here. If you’d like a higher resolution copy of any photo, please email giving her the name of the photo you’d like to have sent to you.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and to our hosts Dale and Diane Liebert. I’m already looking forward to next year! – Sarah Rebernick


Important Dog Food Recall Alert – Expanded

Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

Update 9/2/14

List has been expanded. See here.


On August 26, 2014, Mars Petcare US announced it is recalling specific lots of its Pedigree Dry Dog Food due to the possible presence ofsmall metal fragments.
To learn which products are affected, please visit the following link:

Pedigree Dog Food Recall
Please be sure to share the news of this alert with other pet owners.

Mike Sagman, Editor
The Dog Food Advisor


Rainbow Bridge: Laddie Boy

Laddie Boy

Laddie Boy

I wanted to let MWCR, and all who loved Laddie Boy, know that he passed away today (Aug. 25). His death was peaceful, at home, and painless. I thought he might pass the night before, so I spent it by his side on a pile of blankets, with a hand near him (he could no longer climb the stairs to our bedroom and I didn’t want him to be downstairs – and perhaps dying – alone). He made it through the night, however, only to die this afternoon, with me rubbing his tummy, thanking him for being the best dog we could have asked for, and telling him that we love him.

Thank you and the MWCR so  much for bringing Laddie into our home – our small home, with two seven-year-olds and three cats, that now seems somehow empty without our Lads. He truly was special, and we will miss him terribly. Our only comforts are that we were able to provide him with a loving last home, the wonderful memories we have of him, and knowing that his end was gentle.

I doubt I will ever meet another dog with a gentler soul. From the beginning of his life with us, we were determined to give him his final home and make it one filled with as much love and comfort for him that we could.

Thank you for letting such a wonderful dog into our lives. We had hoped we would have many more years with him – and it is hard for me to accept that we will not – but we will cherish the time we have left with him, and thanks for all the good work the MWCR does. – Amy Neeno-Eckwall

2015 MWCR Calendar Photo Submissions

calendar_09_07Hi Everyone,
It is that time of year again when we are searching for Mr. January, Ms. February, and those adorable little March and Aprils …  It is time to get the 2015 MWCR Calendar underway and we need photos of your collie to star in the pages.
Here are the tips:
(1)  The photo must be of high quality. The originally taken photo should be at least 1M in size and the bigger the better, really!  When you send the photos in be sure your email program doesn’t shrink them for portability. I’ll let you know if they are too small.
(2) Please email your photographs to:
(3)  Please, PLEASE include a bit of info about your collie. Age, year rescued or adopted, cute personality trait, etc …. oh yes, and NAME, too 🙂
(4) Please get your photos to me by September 7, 2014. That should give us ample time to design, review, and order calendars for arrival in time for the annual dinner.
Let me know if you have questions .. .and let the photography begin!!
Thank you,
Eileen Mack

Rainbow Bridge: Rudy



We adopted our collie Rudy from MWCR 10 years when he was about a year old. He was the most beautiful collie everyone had ever seen. Strangers would stop in their cars when we were out together and say that. Sadly we had to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge today  because he had arthritis so bad he could no longer support himself to even move his bowels. We loved him for his ten years with us. Thank you for giving him to us! – William Dorfner


Adoption update: Victor



We are almost to our six month anniversary with Victor joining us.

While Victor still has some fear issues, he has made such great progress. He spends lots of time in the yard with me instead of retreating back into the house immediately.  I am having a special door built just for him so that he can let himself in and out more easily.  We should have that installed by Labor Day.
We have a morning routine where instead of hustling to the door to go out, he lays on top of me and rubs his head and neck on the covers like a cat.  Just watching his expressions now you can tell he is a happy dog.
After six months of vitamins and good food, he is finally shedding his old flat, dry coat and his outer beauty is glowing.  One more brush to get rid of the old and he will have another bath and we will share the new improved Victor. Thank you for letting us bring him to our home. – Beth

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