Rainbow Bridge: Ollie



It is with a very heavy heart that I share with MWCR my dear, sweet Ollie has passed over the rainbow bridge.  Ollie came into our home in April 2007 and immediately captured our hearts.  He was a strong, loyal and incredibly loving boy who enjoyed snuggling with us and his siblings.  While he didn’t appear experienced at indoor living, he immediately became fond of down comforters, pillows, sleeping in bed and being held like a baby for hours on end.  One of my most treasured memories of Ollie were the road trips we shared together.  He went on all my business trips and we drove nine hours to Kansas often so he could join me.  He saw the suitcase and grew more and more excited, bounding down the stairs and riding shot gun for nine hours.  He loved the car and loved being the “chosen” one for road trips.

Ollie was 8-10 years old when we got him so we believe he would have been 15-17 years old when he passed.  He battled many ailments like a champion over the past two years and always made a comeback.  This last bout with vestibular disease appeared to have changed the quality of his life drastically and while it was a difficult decision, we decided to free him from any possible pain.  He was loved by so many and everyone he met, was warmed by his spirit and gentle soul.  Children loved him, he visited the elderly on occasion at the assisted living facilities and brought smiles and warmth to everyone who met him.  Ollie was one of a kind and while we will miss him dearly, the impact he had on all of us will not be forgotten.  Hard to believe Ollie was ever a rescue.  The saying, who rescued who couldn’t be more true when speaking of our Ollie Bear!
I wanted to thank MWCR for sharing Ollie with us!  He was a gift! – Lori Malett

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