Adoption update: Shea



First of all I want to apologize as this update letter is so long overdue.  I want to begin by thanking the MWCR organization for all their hard work and dedication that they give to these beautiful animals.  Once again, we were so blessed to have adopted a beautiful collie girl!  Here is our short but sweet story:

After losing our collie (Zeke) of 12 years in January, we once again went through the MWCR to possibly adopt another dog. We previously had two males and always got them from pups.  Since we had such good luck with males, that’s what we wanted again, so we thought.  Well, after going through the home visit with Sandy and Ken, which I have to say are such wonderful and caring people, we didn’t know if we were quite ready to have another dog. We were all still so sad about losing Zeke that we weren’t sure we could love another so soon.

The very next day after the home visit I received an e-mail from Sarah telling us she has a year old female that she believes we should meet.  I told my family and we all talked about it and said we were more interested in a male and younger if possible.  After communications between Sarah and I, we thought we should at least meet her.  Sarah was so convinced that we would fall in love with her as soon as we met her so she was so kind to have her transported closer to our house to make it more convenient for us … unbelievable!  She was brought to Brookfield, Wis., which is only a little more than an hour from us.  My two daughters and I went to meet her at Mary and Ray’s house, her foster parents.  What great foster parents!  They welcomed us into their home like they’ve known us forever!  Krystal Star (her previous name), came and greeted us with all the love and affection you all know that collies are known for.  We went home and told my husband and son that they just had to meet her.  We went back a few days later and you can imagine what happened – we fell in love with her and she is now ours!  We brought her home on April 18th.  We changed her name to Shea like in “Shea Butter” as she is so sweet!

The Gizowski's

The Gizowski’s

We hope she loves us as much as we love her!  The constant kisses she gives to us tells us she does!  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.  Please know she is well cared for and very much loved!

The Gizowski Family

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