MWCR at the MADACC Walk, Run and Wag

image_01MWCR attended the MADACC Walk, Run and Wag on Saturday, June 21. It was a pretty nice day. Our walkers who supported this event were Bonnie Christiansen (with Ms. Desi Diva), Brittney Michlig  (with Jake aka puppy Jake Jake), Kristen Kapplelmann (with Mr. Spike smoothie) and Sue Bodden (with Mr. Ranger). Sarah Rebernick and I operated the booth and talked with people, bringing awareness of MWCR and supporting MADACC who contacts us when a collie becomes in need of adoption. We also take advantage of their great low cost spay and neuter for our collies.

Thank you to everybody who walked and stopped by our booth. Always great to see our collies get together.  – Laura Michlig, Wisconsin Events Volunteer Coordinator


Adoption update

20130521_180646It’s been over a year now that Scout and Coco came into our home and our hearts, and I decided it was time to give an update.  They are both doing great and have agreed to adopt us, as well as their new collie brother Padders.  They even get along great with their kitty siblings!

Coco is still afraid of storms and bicycles, but has developed a love of riding in the RV.  Her place is on the dashboard looking out at the road looking for our next adventure.  When in public she loves all the attention she gets from people who can’t get over how pretty she is.  We keep her on her special food because of her bladder surgery, and so far she has not had any health issues at all.  She is the happiest dog you will ever see, always smiling and ready to play!

We could tell Scout was a little hesitant to give his heart right away, I guess he wasn’t sure if we were his forever home or not, but once he realized he wasn’t going anywhere he gave his heart totally (Unlike Coco, where it was love at first sight).  He is no longer nervous about car rides and loves the camper as much as Coco, though he prefers to sit on the comfy couch. The high point of my day is coming home and having our daily “sing along”.   Since Allison is a dog trainer (semi-retired) she was pleasantly surprised to discover Scout had a good amount of obedience training and excels at all the commands!

See more pictures here.

One of these days we plan on making it to a Collie Frolic, but schedules too often get in the way.  I have attached some recent pictures of the puppies, hope you enjoy! – John McMillion

Email Monday, June 23, from John: 

We got some tragic news Saturday, the day after I sent my update on Scout and Coco.  I took Scout to the vet for a follow up check Saturday morning.  The doctor noticed some swelling in his lymph nodes and took a sample.  It came back positive for cancer.

Tomorrow we are taking him to the UW Madison Veterinary Hospital to have him thoroughly checked out and to see how far the cancer has spread and what our options are.  I will keep you informed of his condition.

Sunday’s Minnesota Collie Frolic

Collie frolicIt’s hard to believe, but the Collie Frolic is this Sunday, June 22, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Stone Mountain Pet Lodge ( in Blaine, Minn. If you’re planning to attend, please send an email to so we have enough seating, food, and freebies for everyone. This is a fun free event where our collies run and play while the people visit and enjoy the day.

Activities and vendors during the Frolic

Kitty Hilk of Gray Gables Farms will be selling her famous gourmet dog biscuits, dog jerky treats, jams, and bath products. If you’d like to order anything in advance, please contact Kitty at or call 952-472-6897.

Kristin Elmquist of For the Love of Dogs ( will provide canine massage therapy sessions for our collies. Kristin’s website includes a picture of her giving a massage to one of our collies at a previous Collie Frolic.

Julie Snouffer will be our animal communicator this year. Julie does animal communication as well as energy healing. She will provide 10-minute consultations for $10 during the Collie Frolic.

Mindy St. Dennis of LiliPhoto will be our professional photographer.  She will be available from 12:30-2:30 p.m. to take professional portraits of our dogs, with or without their humans. Mindy will have a holiday backdrop so that people can get an early start on their holiday photos and avoid the hassle of standing in line at a mall or other venue to get their dog’s holiday pictures. Mindy also will have a traditional backdrop and may do outdoor shots in the wooded areas around Stone Mountain. Mindy offers a variety of products, including portraits, keychains, magnets, ornaments, and iPhone stickers featuring your dogs (price list).

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge has a large grassy yard for our collies to frolic. The area, however, does not have seating, so if you’re planning to be outside for any length of time, please bring a folding lawn chair for your comfort. When your dogs are inside, please have them on a leash so as not to disturb the people dining and the photographer.

A picnic-style lunch will be available about noon for a suggested donation of $5 and will feature fresh gourmet hot dogs from a local meat market, fixings to make chili dogs, vegetarian sandwiches, salads, pickles, chips, watermelon, Cat’s famous homemade cookies, and a variety of beverages including water, pop, and diet pop.

MWCR merchandise will be available for purchase and we’ll have a “free” table where people can take various dog-related items. If you have anything you’d like to donate to the free table such as extra leashes, food dishes, etc., just bring the items along.

Once again, we’ll have drawings for various gifts for people who make donations to MWCR during the Collie Frolic. People will get a ticket for every $1 donated to MWCR.  The tickets can be placed in a bag next to the item they’d like to win. Items include two folding directors chairs, a large bolster dog bed, a hand-held vacuum designed to pick up dog fur, a collie garden flag with matching wooden box, and other items.  MWCR accepts credit cards for donations and purchases.

We’ll have Doggie Olympics games in the afternoon where you and your dog can win medals and prizes.  We’ll also have a short program and door prizes.

Stone Mountain is offering $2 off nail trims in their grooming salon – no appointment is needed.  Stone Mountain’s grooming salon will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday for grooming.  If you’re interested in having your dog bathed and groomed, please contact Stone Mountain at 763-792-8929 to schedule an appointment. Weekend appointments fill up fast!

So, we have many activities planned for the Collie Frolic. Come for the full four hours or come and go as your schedule permits. The event is free and open to the public, so invite your friends with collies. Hope you can come and “Picnic with the Collies” next Sunday!

The MWCR Events/Fundraising Committee


MWCR alum has herding success

Leo herding ducks

Leo herding ducks

MWCR alum Leo’s owner, wanted to share the news of Leo’s recent herding success –  Leo has been quite a challenge with training and I’m so pleased at how nicely he worked for this trial. Attention span has been our biggest challenge, but I think he’s finally matured a bit! He is quite a character for sure. He earned 2nd place and the first leg of an Advanced Farm Trial Dog sheep – title at a herding trial a few weeks ago. It was very nice to be successful with him as we’ve worked very hard to become a team.

Leo was fostered in several different homes and is not your average collie in any way. Cathy and Annette can vouch for that! I sort of love the really naughty ones –
Andi Wulff 

Group wine order

It is time for another Collie Isle Winery Wine order just in time for pick up at the Collie Frolic in Blaine on June 22.

mwcr six pack72The Collie Isle Winery Wines are a fundraiser for MWCR with the importer donating $6 to MWCR for every bottle sold.  Available wines include  Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  All wines are certified organic and vegan friendly.  Because group orders result in a reduced shipping charge, we try to place group orders at least twice a year.

So, please let me know by Wednesday, June 11, if you’d like to order any wine.  The cost per bottle is about $22, depending on the number of bottles ordered.  The wine can be picked up at the Collie Frolic.  If you live in the Twin Cities area but can’t make the Frolic, we can arrange a time and place to pick up the wine.

Find the wines here. To participate in the group order contact Terry at

Thanks for supporting MWCR! – Terry Libro, MWCR President/Events and fundraising committee chair