Finding Mr. Right

By Sarah Rebernick, MWCR Adoption Coordinator

MWCR alum Sarge

MWCR alum Sarge

So you’re thinking it’s time to add a new member to your pack but you want to make sure it’s the perfect match for you. Who do you work with and what steps can you take to get the right fit? For those of you wondering, here’s what goes on behind the scenes in our rescue to help adopters find Mr. (or Ms.) Right.

Once an adopter submits an application the adoption team contacts personal and veterinary references, then sets up a home visit, which is an excellent opportunity to get to know more about the adopter and what type of collie would be a good fit. Collies coming into rescue go to foster homes where they are evaluated and brought up to date on vaccinations and other medical procedures as needed. When they’re ready, the foster home sends their bio information to the adoption team and we match up adopters and collies based on what the adopter is looking for and which collie seems to be compatible. Then we put them in contact with the collie’s foster home so they can learn more about their needs, quirks and personality. By taking all of these factors into account we do our best to play Cupid and find a match that will ‘click’.

Our foster homes are an incredibly important link in the rescue chain. They have the responsibility for the daily care of our collies as well as the painful task of giving up a little bit of their heart to each and every one. As far as I’m concerned the most important thing is doing what’s best for a collie, which is why I’m never upset when a foster home decides they want to turn into a forever home. Sure it’s tough to lose a foster but knowing that their foster dog won’t have to go through the stress of yet another change in their lives is great and it’s especially wonderful when the collie is older or has special needs.

The key to finding the right dog is working together. From Intake gathering information on a collie’s previous life to the foster home meeting with a potential adopter, every one of our volunteers has a vital part in a collie’s path to a new home and helping an adopter find Mr. Right-for-them.

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