Treat Me Right fundraiser benefits MWCR

tmrPause 4 Paws, a nonprofit organization that raises funds for animal rescues, has partnered with Treat Me Right treats as a fundraiser for Pause 4 Paws.  The funds raised during the fundraiser will be distributed to animal rescues, including the Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue.

Treat Me Right makes organic, human-grade, all natural dog treats for the purpose of helping their partner groups be able to save and rescue more dogs.

Purchases from the Treat Me Right website, generate a donation to Pause 4 Paws. The donation amounts range from $1.50 to $7 depending upon the item purchased.  The Patriotic Puff dog treats were designed specifically for this partnership, and the fundraiser runs through July 8.  Several varieties of treats are available.

People can order dog treats for their own dogs, friend’s dogs, relative’s dogs, etc. to help raise money for Pause 4 Paws, and the website has an option for people to order treats for donation. MWCR will receive all of the donated treats to give to the dogs in our care.  Again, this fundraiser runs through July 8.

So, check out the fundraiser at and help raise funds for Pause 4 Paws which will distribute the funds to several rescues, including MWCR.  Thanks! – Terry Libro, President, MWCR


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