The Best Birthday Party Ever!

By Laddie Luke Gibson

LADDIE B_DAY 2014 (162)That’s right, it was MINE! Mine, and Little Em’s, but really, it was mine because my birthday was May 26, and the party was the day before. I love parties, and the attention that I get. Little Em doesn’t like them so much, she is more of an introvert, nevertheless I shared the day with her.

Friends came over, lots of friends, there were so many friends that the games went by the wayside. We ate, and socialized and spent the day saying hi, and smelling the scents in the yard and looking for squirrels and things. I had thought the chipmunk would entertain us all, but he must have been in hiding! We had two homemade doggie birthday cakes, and two dozen homemade peanut butter biscuits. Would you believe we ate all of it right down, and looked for more? The people, too, ate and ate, various things, hot dogs, salads, cake and ice cream, but we doggies didn’t get to share that. There were five of us collies, and two shelties, a dachshund and a black lab. We all got along, and had fun! I can hardly wait until the next one!

See more pictures here.


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