Pictures of May

Abbie_1MWCR alum Abbie Kauth was named Pet of the Month by Bay East Animal Hospital in Green Bay, Wis.





Ben and Dave

Ben and Dave

I’ve had Ben for four years! Seems like only yesterday. I thought it might be fun to submit a couple of my favorite pictures. – Dave Flynn



Gabe and EZ Ryder

Gabe and EZ Ryder

About a year and a half ago, we fostered Gabe. He came in with mom Mariah, Beth, Rocky and a mix, from a hoarder in Iowa. All were in sad shape. Once again we became “foster failures”. On the left is Gabe (now 30 pounds heavier at over 90), and probably the largest collie I have ever had as a pet companion. Our vet estimated him to be about eight years old when he came in.

On the right is E  Z Ryder. He is another one of our “foster failures”. Ryder has been with us for over seven years and turned 10 in February.  Our other collie tri-boy, Reese (another one of our foster failures), will be 11 or 12 this year. All three of our boys are just the best! Gabe adopted us and his two brothers quickly. He was easily house-trained and he is very sensitive. I only have to give him “the look” requiring a rare “No-No”.  – Vickie Dutter





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