Jake’s Update

Toby & Jake at the lake

Toby & Jake at the lake

Hello Everyone! I just thought I would send an update on how I’m doing after giving everyone a great big scare!  I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong but I guess I did because I landed in Doggy Jail and my Mom had to bail me out. She even put out an APB on me. I feel bad I had her so worried.

Lucky for me I was microchipped and through the great network at MWCR, Sarah was called and she then called my mom. Thank goodness I was only in jail for a short while! Those pesky squirrels sure are tempting but I think I’m done chasing them now because Mom and Dad told me they are putting up a taller fence for me and keeping the doggy door closed for now. What a bummer!

The good news is since I’ve been in my new home and I’ve been having so much fun with my MWCR adopted brother Toby! We love to play, play and play!!! We wrestle all the time and I taught him how to chew on bones and fetch a ball. Toby has taught me a lot of manners and when to settle down and be a gentleman. We are so good for each other even though we are totally different. For example, even after our walks Mom and Dad will play ball with me and I can go forever whereas Toby usually just watches until I egg him on. I’m so agile that Mom and Dad are looking into agility training for me! I know I will love it! First I am going through some extra obedience lessons to help me learn to ignore those darn squirrels on my walks and to help learn it’s not okay to bark the WHOLE time outside. My brother Toby is being evaluated for his Canine Good Citizen test and he didn’t even need extra classes. That’s okay because I think I will really enjoy school. Other than that I am pretty perfect! I love being with my Dad while he works in the garage and when inside we cuddle on the sofa and watch tv together. I LOVE animal planet. At night time I cuddle with the both of them in bed. I think they need a king size now!

Recently we spent Easter Sunday at the lake and went on all kinds of trails! We had hours of fun. I really liked all the attention Toby and I got, too. We couldn’t go 20 feet without people of all ages wanting to pet us and tell us what great personalities we had and how beautiful we were. I don’t know why they kept calling me Lassie though! Don’t they know my name is Jakey? Silly humans.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you to everyone who was concerned about me! I really appreciate knowing how much I am loved. – Love Jake Madero

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