Pictures of April



Hoppy Easter from Ranger and Spike












Jeffrey Caron says Jack and Ike are doing great and wanted to share a few pictures and say thanks for two great dogs.


Eisenhower (Ike)

Ike and Jack

Ike and Jack













Jake and Dice

Jake and Dice enjoy a nice day!




Zeus & Katrina Selburg

Zeus & Katrina Selburg





Laura Michlig's silly smoothies, Dice and Jake

Laura Michlig’s silly smoothies, Dice and Jake



Robi's Spring day

Robi is checking out the fresh April snow and wondering if he will ever see green grass along Lake Superior!

April Adoptions



Pretty Laney, a 3-year-old tri-headed white, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Laney spent the first years of her life as an outdoor farm dog but this diminutive diva has certainly embraced the comforts of indoor living. She really enjoys cuddling in a big soft bed but the moving picture box is still a puzzle :-). Laney will be living with a senior brother collie and younger brother Skylar (now Beau) who was adopted last summer.







Krystal, a 1-year-old sable/white female, has been adopted and will be living in Illinois. Krystal is still quite the puppy but she had a wonderful start in life with a mom who loved her very much and gave her lots of socialization and training. Her new family lost their MWCR collie, adopted in 2001, a few months ago and we know he would be happy that they’ve opened their hearts to another collie in need of a home. Congrats on your new family Krystal!





Gilley, a 7-year-old white factored sable, was adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Gilley came into rescue because his family had to move and couldn’t take him with them. Gilley is a big, gentle and cuddly teddy bear with a lot of love to give and his foster mom says he found the perfect match with his new mom and dad. He’ll also get to share his love with a sheltie sister – congratulations to everyone!




Nike, a 5-year-old tricolor female, has been adopted and will be living in Wisconsin. Nike came into the rescue after she was surrendered to a shelter due to her owner’s poor health. In her previous life she was an outdoor farm dog, but she definitely enjoys indoor living now. Nike is a very affectionate girl who will be sharing her new mom and dad with two other canine siblings.


No-Kill Walk for the Animals

Flyer+FinalThe Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue will be participating in the 4th annual No-Kill Walk for the Animals.  The event will be held this Saturday, May 3, from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., at the International Bazaar area of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.

The event gives smaller shelters and rescues the opportunity to participate in a “group walk” to raise awareness of the rescues and to raise funds for the nonprofit organizations.  Hourly walks around the Fairgrounds will start at 10 a.m.  All pledges raised for MWCR remain with MWCR.   

You can find a pledge form here.  Since I’ll be staffing MWCR’s booth and not walking with my Collies, I’ll pledge $10 to every person who walks on behalf of MWCR.  So, put on your walking shoes and enjoy a spring walk while helping MWCR.  If you don’t live in the area and want to participate, simply collect pledges and go for a walk in your area or make a pledge to support one of the people walking in the Walk.  This is a great way to raise awareness of our rescue, help our Collies, and enjoy a lovely spring walk.  

Hope to see you on May 3rd!

Terry Libro, President; Events Committee  Chair

Changes on the Board of Directors

mwcrWhen MWCR’s longest-serving Director, Leslie Ciaccio, announced her resignation from MWCR’s Board in March, she left a huge gap on the Board.  Leslie not only served on the Board, but she has served MWCR in many other capacities, including Intake Coordinator, Adoption Team member, Nominating Committee member, membership coordinator, foster, transporter, adopter, event volunteer, liaison with other animal welfare organizations, and all-around historian for MWCR.  MWCR has been fortunate to have Leslie shape and guide MWCR into the strong organization that it is today.  Leslie will continue volunteering for MWCR and will continue to share her expertise in so many areas.  Thank you, Leslie, for the many, many years of service on the Board, your numerous contributions to MWCR, and your continuing support of MWCR.

Mary Scopp, Foster Home Coordinator, has graciously accepted the Board’s appointment to MWCR’s Board as a Director.  As Foster Home Coordinator, Mary has been intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of MWCR and has developed close relationships with numerous MWCR members, fosters, and adopters.  Mary also brings a deep knowledge of Collies and a wealth of knowledge about MWCR and rescue work to the Board.  Mary joins Terry Libro, Sarah Rebernick, MyLinda Barke, Douglas Christman, Chris Norman, and Patty Hopkins on the Board.  Directors serve two-year terms which run from April to April as do the terms of the elected Officers.

Both Leslie and Mary have spent thousands of hours volunteering for MWCR over the years and have always been there when needed.  Their strong leadership has influenced the development of MWCR, and their work has reflected positively on MWCR as well as has touched the lives of so many people and Collies. Thank you, again, Leslie for serving on the Board and welcome, Mary, to the Board. – Terry Libro, MWCR President


Mark your calendars!

putthis_on_calendar_clip_artThe Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue has a busy season of events planned for this year.  Here are some of the events with confirmed dates.  Others will be added when dates and additional information become available.



  • May 3 – No-Kill Walk for the Animals at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, St. Paul, Minn.
  • May 4 – Collie Flower Party at Catholic Eldercare at 817 Main Street NE, Minneapolis, MInn.
  • May 17 – Pause 4 Paws Adoption Event at the BMW Dealership, Minnetonka, Minn.
  • May 18 – Milwaukee area Collie Frolic at Central Bark, Wauwautosa, Wis.
  • May 31 – Paws on Parade at the McCleod County Fairgrounds, Hutchinson, Minn.
  • May 31 – Canine Carnival at the Wildlife Science Center, Forest Lake, Minn.
  • June 22 – Collie Frolic at the Stone Mountain Pet Lodge, Blaine, Minn.
  • June 28 – CBS Radio’s Pet-A-Palooza at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, St. Paul, Minn.
  • July 12 – Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games, Eagan, Minn.
  • July 26 – Dog Days of Summer at Alimagnet Dog Park, Burnsville, Minn.
  • August 2 – Dog Days of Stockholm, Stockholm, Wis.
  • August 16 – Dog Days Westonka, Mound, Minn.

Hope to see you at these events.  And, don’t forget, we need volunteers for these events as well! – Terry Libro, MWCR President; Fundraising & Events Committee Chair


MWCR at All About Dog Days

Holly and Willie Riegger

Holly and Willie Riegger

The Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue participated in the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s All About Dog Days for the first time on April 27. Twice a year, the Arboretum, which normally does not allow dogs on the grounds, opens their trails to dogs as a fundraiser for the Arboretum. Although the constant rain prevented people from walking the beautiful grounds of the Arboretum, it didn’t stop people from coming to the event, bringing their dogs, and meeting with the animal-related vendors and organizations. Fortunately, the event was moved indoors so everyone stayed dry.
Willie and Holly Riegger, along with Linda, charmed the crowd. People couldn’t resist their big smiles and wagging tails. MWCR hopes to be back next year. You can see more pictures from the event here. – Terry Libro, MWCR President; Fundraising and Events Chairperson

Jake’s Update

Toby & Jake at the lake

Toby & Jake at the lake

Hello Everyone! I just thought I would send an update on how I’m doing after giving everyone a great big scare!  I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong but I guess I did because I landed in Doggy Jail and my Mom had to bail me out. She even put out an APB on me. I feel bad I had her so worried.

Lucky for me I was microchipped and through the great network at MWCR, Sarah was called and she then called my mom. Thank goodness I was only in jail for a short while! Those pesky squirrels sure are tempting but I think I’m done chasing them now because Mom and Dad told me they are putting up a taller fence for me and keeping the doggy door closed for now. What a bummer!

The good news is since I’ve been in my new home and I’ve been having so much fun with my MWCR adopted brother Toby! We love to play, play and play!!! We wrestle all the time and I taught him how to chew on bones and fetch a ball. Toby has taught me a lot of manners and when to settle down and be a gentleman. We are so good for each other even though we are totally different. For example, even after our walks Mom and Dad will play ball with me and I can go forever whereas Toby usually just watches until I egg him on. I’m so agile that Mom and Dad are looking into agility training for me! I know I will love it! First I am going through some extra obedience lessons to help me learn to ignore those darn squirrels on my walks and to help learn it’s not okay to bark the WHOLE time outside. My brother Toby is being evaluated for his Canine Good Citizen test and he didn’t even need extra classes. That’s okay because I think I will really enjoy school. Other than that I am pretty perfect! I love being with my Dad while he works in the garage and when inside we cuddle on the sofa and watch tv together. I LOVE animal planet. At night time I cuddle with the both of them in bed. I think they need a king size now!

Recently we spent Easter Sunday at the lake and went on all kinds of trails! We had hours of fun. I really liked all the attention Toby and I got, too. We couldn’t go 20 feet without people of all ages wanting to pet us and tell us what great personalities we had and how beautiful we were. I don’t know why they kept calling me Lassie though! Don’t they know my name is Jakey? Silly humans.

Well, that’s all for now. Thank you to everyone who was concerned about me! I really appreciate knowing how much I am loved. – Love Jake Madero

Milwaukee Collie Frolic

Collie frolicIt’s time to get our frolic on again in the Milwaukee area. Mark your calendars for Sunday, May 18th, from noon to 4 p.m., and be ready to romp. We will be gathering at the Central Bark on River Parkway in Wauwatosa, so we’ll have both indoor and outdoor play areas in case of rain (or snow)!

Central Bark requires all dogs that use their facilities to be up to date on vaccinations including Bordatella. There will be a form to sign that requests vaccination expiration dates. Please make sure you know these dates for the form or contact me for a copy to fill out in advance.

To RSVP, get directions or ask questions, please email me at

I hope to see lots of collies for tail wagging fun – Sarah Rebernick